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Count down, 12 days to go!

N is back home from Peach Springs, he was sent out there to cover some breaking news yesterday. I guess there was lots of flooding out that way that really caused some issues for tourists and residents. Today he will be covering a John McCain appearance in Flagstaff.

Dispite the station being shut down he will still be working until August 26th so he has a few days of work left before we head out. I’ll be teaching until Saturday so we both have some more days of work left.

I wanted to share this little treasure with you… She has not been named yet but she sure needed a loving home. When we saw her she was super dehydrated and was skin and bones. She was living outside in the arizona desert with her 2 other litter mates. As a result she hid all day and very rarely come out of hiding, even to eat or drink. She is unique with her tortoiseshell markings. She is doing much better now, here is a photo of her:

I am off to a NAU rehersal tonight and boy am I sore from the previous 2 days of rehersals. The dance moves are kind of making me feel old but it is also nice to stay active even if it does cause some major soreness. I have found that when your muscles are sore it is best to keep moving as opposed to babying the sore muscle. Muscles that stay active are less painful than muscles that sit idle and stiffen up after a workout. I guess I’ll go do some leaps and stretching now to loosen up my muscles. Here is what I’ll be working on:

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  1. I love tortoiseshell cats! She is beautiful! My cat that I had for over 20 years was also a torty! So I guess I am kind of biased that way. LOL. The routine looks good – I like the music with the moves so far. But I’m wondering – just how sharp are those swords exactly? Yikes!

  2. @teeni: lol… They aren’t so sharp but when you throw them up in the air and don’t catch them correctly you will be in a world of hurt! That is why you have to aim to do the choreography perfect, you’ll feel less pain that way. 😉

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