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Whew, I am beat and it is only the first day!

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening working the first day of the NAU Auxiliary Camp. It was enjoyable and it went well but being out in the sun and wind for 6 hours takes it out of you.

When I got home I just wanted to put on my PJ’s and curl up on the couch and nap, I am pre-writing this blog post instead.

At the camp I chatted with the guy in charge of hiring judges out in Indiana, looks like I have a promising opportunity there since he already knows me and my skills. Plus, I am also chatting with a pretty competitive high school out there about a potential instructor position.

This summer I also have lots of instructing and show writing to do before I move. You know, I am looking pretty booked up over the next 2 months! Here is a taste of what I have on the books:

Week 1/ This week – I am writing 2 routines for the NAU summer camp.

Week 2 – N’s sister is visiting and staying with us for the 4th of July weekend.

Week 3 – I will be at the local high school’s summer clinic/ pre-band camp marathon rehearsal and I got drawn for jury duty.

Week 4- So far it is free so we are planning to make the drive to phoenix to go used RV shopping.

Week 5- Yard sale weekend, my mom comes to stay with us and help out.

Week 6- Writing the show, teaching the routine and working the local high school’s week long band camp.

Week 7- Possibly a week off? Must find new home in Indiana and hold it with a deposit.

Week 8- NAU’s auxiliary meet for a pre-band camp clinics.

Week 9- NAU’s full band camp, write and teach entire show to the kids.

Week 10- Load the truck and leave Arizona!

As you can see things are just a tad busy for me and I can’t believe in 10 weeks we will be outta here! Seems like just last week we didn’t even know where we were going to end up…

Wait, that is exactly what was happening last week huh? Crap, this is all happening so fast and It is going to come and go before we even know it huh? I guess we better hang on!

So, if I am not commenting on your blog as frequently as I used to don’t feel bad, I am reading them as they arrive in my inbox via my reader, often I am often offline when I read them so commenting isn’t as easy. Don’t think I forgot about you okay?

Well, I have an early start to tomorrow’s 12 hours of colorguard/ auxiliary camp (it is actually today’s camp since I am writing this in advance) so I need to lube myself up with aloe vera to soothe my sunburn and get to bed. Screw eating, I am just too tired and lazy. I’ll have some Ovaltine (my liquid dinner) and pass out now!

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