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Wedding planning and gardening fun…

N and I are making some progress this week. We started making some decisions about our wedding party. I have notified my maid of honor and N is trying to nail down the number of groomsmen he’ll have. When he knows how many groomsmen he will have I’ll know how many lady friends to make my bridesmaids.

We already know we aren’t paying for or forcing the bridesmaids to wear a a specific dress style. I’ll probably pick a color scheme and then let my girlfriends pick out their own dresses. I am also thinking of having both my brothers give me away, since my father hasn’t been in the picture for the last 24 years.

We are still trying to come up with wedding venue ideas. Our first choice is to marry in Flagstaff in the pine forest with a view of the San Francisco peaks. We have looked at renting the Riordan Mansion, Snowbowl Lodge, The Observatory and we have also contacted many vacation rental homes near the forest.

I used the site for my guest list and budget figuring. Looks like we will only have about $720 to spend on the wedding venue if we have both the ceremony and reception in the same spot. We still haven’t found a spot we like for the price we want to pay.

Today I also went out for round 2 of peony dividing. After soaking the planting bed and cutting back the foliage N helped me dig up the clumps so I could divide them up. There are so many! If you want some and are willing to pay shipping shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details.

After a large enough section of the planting bed was cleared I was able to plant some of my bulbs there in addition to the divided peonies. N even made me a nifty little bulb box to plant the bulbs in so they can’t get munched by the squirrels!

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  1. I love the idea of your brothers giving you away! I’ve known a few brides who have had anxiety over this part of the ceremony because their fathers were not part of the picture. Quite a few chose to walk alone, but your idea is better- very sweet!

  2. I think having your brothers give you away is a beautiful idea! Good luck with all your planning. Try to not get too stressed out over it and enjoy the whole process:) I love the squirrel in your picture.

    Beckys last blog post..My Mulligan

  3. I think your wedding plans are sounding wonderful. Letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses is great. Very sensible as it’s a pain to choose a style that everyone will be comfortable in.

    And they won’t have to worry about fitting and alteration of a style not suited to their body type. I’ve altered many a bridesmaid dress because a tall girl has a short waistline or a short girl doesn’t. Or because the shop took the measurements wrong in the first place.

    It’s your dress I dying to hear details about!

    As for your brothers giving you away, that’s a beautiful way of doing it. And very sweet.

    I am such a sucker for weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ha! I am trying not to get my heart set on a specific dress because I don;t want to be all upset when I can’t afford it or find a location that stocks it. I do have a few I am loving. I’ll make that my next post!

  5. Oooh, that N of yours is pretty handy with the bulb box. How exciting to get some of your planning done for the wedding. I hope you are able to get the venue you want.

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