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Divide your peonies and enjoy a date night! It is good for the soul.

Holy cow you guys had some great advice and thoughts on wedding planning! I was initially worried about blogging about our wedding planning, didn’t want to bore you to tears but you all had some great tips and thoughts for us. Brainstorming as a group is always easier so thanks for sharing you 2 cents it helped a ton! We came up with some good ideas that I can share here if guys want.

As for our date, it was well overdue and extremely enjoyable. We went to bonefish grill here in Evansville, it was suggested by some of N’s coworkers. The food was mediocre but the service and atmosphere were nice. N’s was recognized by two different couples which surprised us. They were polite enough to not intrude on our meal but they were staring and whispering which gave it away. He has only been on the air for a week and we just didn’t think people would start recognizing him for awhile. It is crazy!

The next day N and I checked out wedding books out at the Library, went grocery shopping and for dinner we did a mystery shop at a local restaurant which was also nice because it was basically free and we are poor right now!

N didn’t have a work phone ringing off the hook the entire weekend, he was not expected to drop everything to cover breaking news and he was not mentally drained from the previous work week so we could actually do fun stuff on his days off. This new job is really working out for us!

Today N went back to work and I started tackling the bed of peonies. Remember how I dug up all my bulbs and boxed them up for the move? Well they need to be planted big time and I want to plant them in the ground as opposed to pots since we are going to be in this rental for a full year. The back of the house is lined with a 2 foot wide bed that is over grown with peonies.

Today my goal was to cut the peonies back, dig them up and begin dividing them so there would be some room in the planting bed for all my un-planted homeless bulbs. Too bad the bed is filled with huge peony clumps that are buried under some very solid, rock hard clay soil that will not budge.

I was only able to cut back and start to dig the peonies today and it was back breaking! I watered the clumps and now the water is soaking in to the soil. I am hoping dampening the soil will make things easier when I go to dig tomorrow. I thought the soil was supposed to be richer and in better shape out here… Oh well.

So, does anyone want some peonies? I am not sure what color or breed they are but I’ll have tons to give away since they are growing on top of each other right now and should normally be several inches apart. If you want to pay shipping costs I’ll send you some!

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  1. Oh, yay for date night!! And OF COURSE we want to hear the wedding details! Sheesh. What do you think we’re made of stone here? We are nosy as all get out and want to hear all the details as the plans emerge. 🙂

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