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Woho! Take it off…

… that is the kind of audio the news station hopes to get off the investigative story they sent him on last night. The destination was an underage foam party. From Sarah Palin to foam parties, what is next?

Supposedly there is all this nastiness going on under the foam at these parties. Teens get STD’s and lots of sexual action at events like this one according to the station writers that crafted this story. What is even better is they think parents are actually dropping kids off at this party and picking them up afterward.

Have you ever allowed your teen to go to a foam party? What are your thoughts on them?

In other news we spent the day grocery shopping and scored a pretty sweet deal. Just for fun while we were at Sam’s Club we perused the electronics section to show each other what we liked as possible holiday gift ideas.

I have been eyeing powerful iPod docking station radios for quite some time so while we were loking at those we spotted this beauty:

It goes for $90.00 and has some good sound output, then N noticed that it was a display item marked down to $20.00. Yes we got a perfectly good, undamaged, sweet iPod radio for a steal! I love finding a sweet discount.

Our weekend trip to Grand Falls, Northern Arizona

On Saturday N and I headed out to Grand Falls to see the famous “chocolate falls” on the reservation. It is a little known wonder that is very cool! How many waterfalls have you seen in Arizona? They do exist and this is just one of them!

It was an overcast day with beautiful snow covering the San Francisco Peaks. This is the view heading into Flagstaff, AZ off of I-17.

We drove through flagstaff, AZ and headed east on I-40 towards the reservation. You can see the peaks (the San Francisco Peaks) from there perfectly.

Here is the water that flows into the waterfall, this is the “little colorado river” with the peaks in the background.

Here we are posing for a photo with our doggie infront of Grand Falls. The mist that came up off the waterfall was cool! You can see that it’s windy by our great hair styles!

And now the long awaited photos of the falls, enjoy!

It's too cold for cereal and other musings..

Well, the time lapse thing isn’t quite working out for me, the first amaryllis bloom started to open yesterday and I did all I could to capture it but with the lighting changes in the room and with the stem leaning more and more in each shot the time lapse did not effectively show the bloom opening. I do have 4-5 more blooms that will be opening soon so I am going to keep working on it! We will see if I can pull it off!!

We have a storm coming this week and man is it cold! I also moved my laptop/ office area from the couch to the kitchen table this week and I am convinced that the kitchen table grays-anatomy.jpgarea is much colder than the couch area.. Burrrr!!!

Is anyone else sightly annoyed by the shows on TV lately? We have been watching Grey’s Anatomy religiously.. We record the show on our DVR and then watch it when we are both home together.. Lifetime has been playing all the reruns for those who have not seen the show and ABC plays the current seasons episodes. Well lately ABC has been running reruns also.. The writers strike of 2007/2008 has surly had an impact on my TV watching experience! I am not resorting to watching Reba & Still Standing on lifetime and we record Dirty Jobs, X Files and Ace of Cakes so we have something to watch but I am really going crazy without Gray’s Anatomy and Lost!! Has your TV viewing been impacted by the writers strike?

Pst.. For all you Gray’s Anatomy addicts (like us) ABC’s site claims an ALL NEW episode will be airing January 10th.. whew, thank goodness!

The first day of a new year.

Good morning all! Hope you had a safe and fun new years eve celebration! We had fun and are home getting ready to visit another friends holiday celebration this afternoon.

As promised I am sharing some of the photos I took of “red rock fantasy of lights”. If you are ever in Sedona, AZ and want some holiday spirit you should check out this annual display but bundle up it was COLD!



I am excited about a new project I am working on, I am planning to share a time lapse video of my Amaryllis bulb blooming. I made up a few of my blooming bulb gifts last month to sell at all the holiday craft shows I attend but I had one that didn’t sell this time and once they are potted they are unstoppable! Fortunately I get to enjoy it’s beauty now! It just started blooming today and it’s very cool to watch. I’ll post the video here once it is finished!

In other news we just signed up for the T-mobile Hot Spot @ Home deal. The idea is that being able to utilize our wireless internet to make phone calls (with the cell phones) will remedy our current situation. We have been unable to use our cell phones when at home since about August. They claim we have phone reception here but we clearly do not. Anyway we got them to give us free phones and a free wireless router to keep our business. Our new phones are in the mail and should arrive shortly!

Happy New Years Everyone!

I have been slacking on updating the blog, sorry guys! Today I spent 8 hours auditing and getting my business sales and books in order so I could file my end of year sales tax. Fun huh?

We saw Enchanted the other day and really enjoyed it. We thought it would be much like Shrek, a kids movie with adult humor and all that. It was actually more kid friendly than we expected but overall it was super cute and humorous.

Yesterday we drove down to Sedona to visit a friend and to enjoy Sedona’s famous “red rock fantasy of lights“. It was cold but we had a good time and snapped some fun photos that I’ll post shortly.

I am headed out to meet N at a friend’s house for a low key new years party this evening. Everyone be safe tonight and have a great time!

Another Johnny Depp Movie Comes out December 21st

Johnny Depp has appeared in several Tim Burton films over the years. One of my favorite movies is Charlie and the chocolate factory where Johnny Depp plays Willy Wonka, a mysterious chocolate who is looking for a special child to take over the chocolate factory. I like this movie because it portrays a good message about karma to children. When you do bad things bad things happen to you and this is humorously portrayed throughout the movie when each child comes into unfortunate circumstances as a direct result of their greedy and nasty behavior.

Another movie featuring Johnny Depp that I love is the Corpse Bride where Victor Van Dort (played by Johnny Depp) plays a shy groom to be who is whisked off to “the underworld” and is wed to a corpse. This movie is a feel good love story that portrays the world of the living and the world of the dead in a refreshingly different light.

If I had to pick a favorite of the two movies I would choose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it has a deeper and more relevant message for children these days. Tim Burton has a great imagination and has a great knack for creating entertaining and creative films. Another Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film is coming out December 21st called Sweeny Todd. You can visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site for more information and for some entertainment.