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It's too cold for cereal and other musings..

Well, the time lapse thing isn’t quite working out for me, the first amaryllis bloom started to open yesterday and I did all I could to capture it but with the lighting changes in the room and with the stem leaning more and more in each shot the time lapse did not effectively show the bloom opening. I do have 4-5 more blooms that will be opening soon so I am going to keep working on it! We will see if I can pull it off!!

We have a storm coming this week and man is it cold! I also moved my laptop/ office area from the couch to the kitchen table this week and I am convinced that the kitchen table grays-anatomy.jpgarea is much colder than the couch area.. Burrrr!!!

Is anyone else sightly annoyed by the shows on TV lately? We have been watching Grey’s Anatomy religiously.. We record the show on our DVR and then watch it when we are both home together.. Lifetime has been playing all the reruns for those who have not seen the show and ABC plays the current seasons episodes. Well lately ABC has been running reruns also.. The writers strike of 2007/2008 has surly had an impact on my TV watching experience! I am not resorting to watching Reba & Still Standing on lifetime and we record Dirty Jobs, X Files and Ace of Cakes so we have something to watch but I am really going crazy without Gray’s Anatomy and Lost!! Has your TV viewing been impacted by the writers strike?

Pst.. For all you Gray’s Anatomy addicts (like us) ABC’s site claims an ALL NEW episode will be airing January 10th.. whew, thank goodness!

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