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It’s 3 am WTF??

Well, I laid in bed for an hour after watching x-files on DVR and I cannot sleep. I have been restless and full of energy for a good portion of the evening. I have a theory about it all…

You know how sometimes when you take Sudafed for sinus pain it makes you all jumpy and “cracked out” or it makes you dead tired, relaxed and sleepy? I am not sure if it’s normal for one person’s body to react in two completely different ways to the same medication depending on the day but that’s how I often feel after taking it.. Anyway back to the theory, the weather is a changing here. We are forecasted for snow on Sunday and a possible snow day on Monday.

A Storm is rolling in and this morning I had some slight sinus pressure/ draining. My boyfriend was complaining of severe sinus pain. So, maybe my body is naturally decongesting the sinuses as a result of the coming weather change and that is why I am naturally cracked out this evening/ morning… I have not taken any Sudafed and have not had more sugar or caffeine that normal, this endless, explosive energy burst is natural and pretty annoying.

On the plus side I will be able to take my time lapse photos through the wee hours of the morning today as a result of the insomnia. By the way my time lapse project is coming along finally. I am still having some minor inconsistencies with the lighting and background of the photos but the overall flowering effect is there. It’s surly an amateur time lapse project but pretty cool nonetheless.

Got some writing done over at Helium this morning too for a current contest. I wrote about recycled crafts projects, instructions, tutorials and links for extra help for anyone wishing to find recycled craft ideas. If this article interests you feel free to check it out, visit:

I am craving cereal right now (3:11am) and am surprisingly not to cold to enjoy it. It is a frosty 28 degrees outside right now but after laying all covered up in bed for 2 ½ hours trying to sleep I am all warm and toasty and ready for cereal munching. Oh, I guess I can get the bills in order for paying now too, since we did get paid 3 hours ago.

Well happy sleeping all! By the time you read this the sun will be up and I’ll probably be zonked out and sleeping the day away on the couch..

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  1. I shouldn’t have let you sleep as late as you did yesterday. This morning though I’m going to get you up and rolling a little earlier. We have to get you back in the school routine when you go back to teaching on Monday.

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