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Don't want to be seen while drving? Choose functionality not style.

I normally don’t spend much time worrying about what is going with the Hollywood scene and all that but last night at 3am when I had nothing better to do I checked out perzhilton.com because a friend said I should. I saw a youtube video of Brittney Spears and her first emergency room visit of 2008… I couldn’t believe how many people we out trying to get a shot of her. The streets were lined with people and cameras of all sorts, it was absurd!

This morning when I was talking to my boyfriend about it he found a video of Keven Federline driving like a crazy trying to “block” the paparazzi from getting a shot of his kids that were a car ahead of him. N remarked at how much of a pain it would be to have to go through an ordeal like that every time you wanted to go out. Living like a normal person is not easy when that many people are following you and your every move. I would not want to have to “block people” from taping or photo graphing my kids like this every day…

s_1417598_1.jpgMy solution, choose functionality not the latest style. If I were famous and didn’t want my82forde100van2.jpg kids or myself to be photographed or taped while driving to and from activities I would get myself a nice chester molester van with no windows (or with windows that had thick curtains) that way I could be driven around and not have to worry about hiding my face. We could drive as slow as we wanted and nobody would get a shot of us because we were secluded in our simple van of retro loveliness. Some of these vans even have tables, couches and refrigerators… It doesn’t get any better than that! LOL

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