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Comfy and professional womens shoes

I hate shoe shopping! I am too picky I guess and I can never seem to find shoes that are exactly what I need. I like them to look nice and feel nice in addition to serving their purpose for whatever occasion. I am on my feet for long hours and often times I need a presentable pair of shoes that comfortable, warm, supportive and so on.

I found these clogs I really like over at Dansko they are the black Corinne womens clog. They are slip on (which I love) because they are clogs and they seem pretty sturdy and solid but supportive. This is a hint for all my family members who need gift ideas ;-p

I also managed to find some holiday gift ideas at the site that I wont post here because that will give it away to the recipient! You can get free shipping on orders over $100 and there are so many brands to browse! If you have shoes on your holiday shopping list you may want to head over to the site and take a look! Check out Dansko shoes, you will be surprised at how much you will find!

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