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Days 7-11, We are here but the chaos continues

We are here in our new home and off the road but the chaos continues… It’s been almost 2 weeks since my family joined us to make the 1500 mile trek from Flagstaff, AZ to Evansville, IN. We have had our ups and downs like any family over the course of the two weeks. We are close but also very fiery, that’s how we roll!

The day after we arrived at our new home my brother was having some anger issues. Actually we were all at wits end and were ready for some quiet calm time. Unfortunately he broke his cellphone and that made him upset the previous night.

The anger had also carried over from one day to the next until it erupted. When he lashed out on my mom we stayed out of it but when the rage was directed at us we were not willing to allow the behavior in our home especially when he became physically aggressive. Lets just say my brother and I got in to a full fledged brawl.

I still don’t handle physical aggression well and am prone to respond likewise. I suspect it has something to do with my abusive childhood. Anyway after N and my mom broke up the fight my brother aimed his anger at my mom and then stormed out and then called the police on us.

We retrieved him from the Evansville juvenile detention center on Wednesday morning, obviously the first three days in our new home were not relaxing or calm with my brother being detained. Today he was released and we are fine, tempers just flared big time.

Thursday was somewhat low key once we had my brother home we were all able to relax a bit, we hung around the house and tried getting stuff done. The truck was completely unloaded and picked up by the moving company. We nursed our awful mosquito bites and wondered if the folks just built up an immunity to the nasty buggers after a while. We were being massacred that is for sure, we can’t detect any bites on the natives though. WTF?

Yesterday we got a rental car to drive my mom and brother to Louisville, KY so they could catch their flight and head back home. We left Evansville at noon and arrived in Louisville at about 3pm, had a fun lunch at a quirky place called Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

After our lunch we went around the corner to the airport, stood in line at ticketing for an hour and learned they had canceled my family’s flight! It only took us 1 1/2 hours to get out to Louisville to learn that. Turns out air traffic control in Chicago (where their plane change is) called for the cancellation of flight as a result of severe weather.

The nice airline ladies booked my mom and brother on a flight for Saturday out of Evansville instead of Louisville after we explained that we drove almost 2 hours just to get to the airport. Now we are just crossing our fingers that weather doesn’t cancel their flight again since it doesn’t appear to be improving as a result of the latest hurricane.

Too bad as of 11am yesterday morning her rescheduled flight has been canceled, again… It doesn’t look like they will be getting out of here until after the hurricane weather has come and gone. They have her resecheduled yet again this time she will change planes in Dallas as opposed to Chicago. Want to take bets on when that will be?

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0 thoughts on “Days 7-11, We are here but the chaos continues

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the temper flare-ups. I guess sometimes there is such a thing as too much together time. Hope that your family are able to get back home soon and safely.

    Beckys last blog post..Miss Manners

  2. Yikes. I hope everyone is still fine and that tempers are back to cool again. It was a stressful thing, planning a long cramped trip like that, but it’s over now and hopefully everyone is fine. I think the mosquitos just like your “new blood.” Must be like a delicacy for them – something different than the usual natives. LOL.

  3. I’m so sorry about the temper chaos. I have to admit that were I subjected to such closeness with members of my family, such a thing would not be out of the question.

    It would be me and my sister, with my brother trying to break us, though.

    Good luck with flights and the weather. What we’re having now is heading your way.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Getting Windy Here

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