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Do you reply? Join the I reply movement!!

ireply_litebg.gifI was doing research earlier this week on how to effectively build my blogs readership. There truly is more to blogging that the obvious posting aspect of it. While I was learning about new ideas and trends in the blogosphere I found The iREPLY movement.

The movement basically proves that appreciating and conversing with your readers keeps them loyal return visitors. This is not a sure fire way to build a blog because it’s useless without quality content but once you have great content it’s the next step!

So, do you want to join the iREPLY movement? Simply save the image to your computer, upload it to your own blog. Then you can write a post about the movement and why it’s important to you, in your post link back to and if you follow the above link you can see all the other bloggers who are a part of the movement!

iREPLY is a great way to acknowledge your valued readers. All you need to do is return the favor when they leave you a comment. Just visit their blog and leave them a comment.. They will probably return the favor again and then you will and so on.

Get good comment karma by giving what you get!

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  1. I’m so glad to see you bring this to the attention of your readers. Thanks so much!

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