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For all you dancers and guard members..

Winterguard season is just around the corner and I am starting to think about spring show ideas and costume ideas for several of my winterguard groups. I found another unique dance shoe/ costume company online and thought it would be beneficial to share with my readers since many of you are involved in dance, colorguard, winterguard or cheer.

I know how important it is to be able to shop around and find the best deal on team costumes and shoes, that is why I am so pleased when dance apparel companies have online stores!

I personally like to be able to browse for team uniforms and accessories online because it saves time and paper! I can even send the product links to my students so they can purchase the items from the company that I pick out. It’s super convenient for instructors and members of dance related teams and I wish more companies had websites we could purchase from!

Anyway, if you visit you can browse the available costumes, accessories dance shoes online in no time! Also, for all you dancers and guard members you might consider registering at the site and creating your own wish list! Wish lists are great for those relatives who don’t know what to get you for the holidays and it’s a free way to get your dance gear! 😉

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