Gardening and Laptop anticipation…

I am going to burst with anticipation of my newly purchased laptops arrival!! I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a laptop! I am tired of being confined to my office/ inventory room when I am writing articles and working on my business. I have a beautiful garden and a pooch downstairs that I want to spend time with but I have some much computer work to do.. The solution was a wireless laptop!! Yay!

I bought mine from USA Notebook because they are cheaper and they don’t have windows vista preloaded on them. The notebooks are refurbished and they have a 6 month warranty! It was just what I needed!

Anyway, mine is supposed to arrive today and I really cannot wait!! YAY!! As I am writing this blog post my laptop arrives!! 🙂

Now that my laptop is here I can sit outside enjoying my garden while I write! I found this video about a local farm/ garden in town that is trying to make the world a more sustainable place:

Watch how a Mountain Meadow Farm teaches gardeners about permaculture

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