Herbal Supplment Info and Home Remedies

I am writing several informational articles on various herbs that are used for health. Readers my benefit from this information so I opted to post it here as a reference.

Kava Uses and Possible Liver Risks– Its most commonly used to treat anxiety, insomnia and for treatment of menopause symptoms. Kava can also help improve memory and concentration.

Cranberry Supplements for Bladder Infections– There is a growing concern about the benefits of antibiotics in treating bladder infections. Cranberry is a common supplement used to naturally treat these infections.

Homemade Foot Scrub Recipes– Summer is almost here and with summer comes the sandals and flip-flops! Are your feet ready for some exposure this summer? If not don’t panic! There are several easy homemade foot scrub recipes that you can whip up in the comfort of your own home without spending a ton of money!

Homeopathic toenail fungus remedies– If you have toenail fungus you know that there is an abundance of over the counter and prescription treatments that are available. Many of these treatments are costly and some can even be detrimental to your health.

Plantar wart treatments– Plantar warts are the found on the bottom of your foot. The word plantar means “relating to or occurring on the under surface of the foot”. Plantar warts will usually go away with time but they can be very uncomfortable and irritating when you walk or put pressure on your foot.

Red clover and it’s uses in womens health– Red clover is a great treatment for many ailments however; it is most commonly used to treat hot flashes in women with menopause symptoms.

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