Growing Anemones/ Grecian Windflowers

Yesterday my shipment of gardening goodies arrived from Burgess Seed and Plant Co. It’s always exciting when my plants and goodies arrive! I got several Lily of the valley pips, tall dutch iris bulbs, painted daises, purple d’oro daylilies and some native daylilies.

I usually forget what I have ordered between the time I order my stuff and when it actually arrives so I spend some time looking up some info on the plants I bought.

I found out that the Grecian Windflowers are Anemones. They come as tubers (they look like hard clumps of dirt or rock). The flower looks a lot like a daisy but is better because the Grecian Windflower actually has a longer bloom period than daisies. This type of Anemone likes sun/ filtered shade under trees and can even survive in rock gardens. This is another plant that does not like to be over wattered and can even survive in pretty dry conditions. It will naturalize easily and it blooms in early spring growing from 12 to 18 inches tall. Also, all parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested. This is important if you have pets (or kids?) that like to eat your plants.

This plant is known to close it’s flowers on cloudy or stormy days and will open right up if the sun comes a shining.. This plant will grow in zones 5-9 and can even survive in zones 3 & 4 if a thick layer of mulch is provided to protect them from the freeze.

These Anemones get the best start when they are soaked in warm water prior to planting, you can even keep them soaking overnight and they will root faster!

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