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I am appalled!! Continuation of: "This holiday weekend sucked!!"

Over the last week I have had some significant car drama. My car was revving out of control on the way home, I almost had a major wreck. You can read the initial post here. So my car was towed to a mechanic near my parent’s home down in New River on Tuesday. I got a call today about the status of the car… It’s drivable and the transmission is okay despite my throwing it into park while it was moving. Whew!
Turns out the major issue that caused the car to rev out of control was the fact that the previous mechanic (R&A Imports in Flagstaff, AZ) used zip ties to secure things after he had taken things apart. Something came loose the night I was driving and fell down on to the accelerator cable. Basically some mechanics half assed work almost got me and several other people killed!! Turns out the radiator was cracked due to the high pressure from the car revving so high… That is fixed and now we are discussing compensation with the mechanic who started this whole mess.

I am just so shocked about the zip ties!! I am also relieved that the car is not a total loss, that I didn’t die and that the mechanic will need to take financial responsibility for what he did.

My next concern that the mechanic may refuse to take responsibility which means we would need to take this matter to court. Good news is we have photos of the previous mechanics “handy work” thanks to my parents and their mechanic! Does anybody know what the next step would be legally to get things going??

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