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I am just not cut out for bars anymore!

Yesterday N and I went out with many of his work friends to celebrate a bunch of things all at once. One employee was leaving the company and two others just had birthdays, so we went out for Thai food and a few drinks at the bar.

Thai food was okay, I had never tried it before so I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. Then we headed over to a low key bar and had some drinks. The place was crowded but not over the top with belligerent people, we spent time there talking and hanging out. It was nice.

Later everyone decides that we should head over to another bar that has live music, it has recently changed owners so everyone wanted to check it out. N and I were agreeable about it and we all headed that direction with everyone.

At the calmer bar I was able to order a latte (I was not drinking for several reasons, this is one of them) and that was nice but at this new bar coffee was not an option so I was the odd man out not drinking. The second issue was that this place had a live band playing , which is cool when you are not surrounded with people who need to be talking constantly!

I think the constant talking results from people’s insecurities or they just want to be polite, social and all inclusive but we are at a place with live music. The point is to listen to the live music and have a good time! That was not the idea with these people, obviously.

So I stood there not drinking while I pretended to listen to N various coworkers talking about stuff. Some conversation was good but generally I just didn’t give a crap about half of what was being discussed! I stood, not drinking, trying to participate in conversations I knew nothing about while various bar partrons bumped, knocked and shoved me around. Good times huh?

Generally I am able to control my rage but for some particular reason the rudeness of the other patrons in addition to the mind numbing conversation (from particular coworkers) made me explode. I was being pushed by a rather large guy when I just hauled off and shoved back, big time. He was all “excuse me” and I muttered something like “make an effort to keep your fat a** from knocking everyone around, jerk”.

N was all worried that I was starting fights with intimidating men but I was just fuming mad! Maybe I was just hormonal, I don’t know. I have come to the conclusion that I am just not cut out for the bar scene anymore.

Oh, N did schedule that interview out in Evansville, IN for the end of the month. The opportunity is looking more and more like a real possibility! Yay!

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  1. T~ the explosion came partly form being a firey red-head! 🙂 I will explode, too, when pushed and pushed -literally and figurativly! Throw things -big things- and try to beat people up… not that it solves anything but it feels good! 🙂

    maiden53s last blog post..Roger Waters at Cochella

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