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Press Release: The Big Push for Midwives Campaign responds to ACOG's Newest Position Statment

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 25, 2009)—Displaying a stunning lack of regard for patient autonomy, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued a statement this week declaring that the group will “allow” laboring women to drink “modest amounts” of clear fluids during labor while continuing to prohibit access to solid food.

“Once again ACOG has issued a position statement with little regard for the evidence or for the ability of women to make decisions for themselves,” said Susan Jenkins, Legal Counsel for The Big Push for Midwives Campaign. “It’s insulting that ACOG actually believes that laboring women should be grateful that they will now be ‘allowed’ to have more than just ice chips, when we have long known how vital nutritional sustenance is to mothers and babies not only during pregnancy, but during labor as well.”

Hospitals routinely adopt ACOG position statements as standard policy governing the treatment of pregnant and laboring women, despite the fact that a number of the organization’s position statements do not acknowledge all of the risks and benefits associated with common procedures. “ACOG is asking laboring women to do the physical equivalent of a marathon on the power of a ‘modest’ amount of clear liquid,” said Sabrina McIntyre, mother of two. “Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick with my midwife and her wisdom of keeping up my physical stamina for such a monumental event.”

Policies restricting food and liquid intake date from an era when laboring women were routinely given general anesthesia and risked aspirating food into the lungs. Modern anesthetic techniques have virtually eliminated this risk, which is further reduced by the fact that only a tiny minority of laboring women, even among those who deliver via cesarean section, actually receive general anesthesia.

“The women in my birth center eat when they are hungry and drink when they are thirsty, all without asking for ACOG’s permission first,” said Elizabeth Allemann, MD. “Women deserve to be fully informed about what the evidence actually shows, and it’s time that the medical profession abandoned policies based on the outdated and paternalistic idea that patients should play no role whatsoever in the decision-making process.”

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign represents thousands of grassroots advocates in the United States who support expanding access to Certified Professional Midwives and out-of-hospital maternity care. The mission of The Big Push includes educating national policymakers about the reduced costs and improved outcomes associated with out-of-hospital birth and advocating for including the services of Certified Profession al Midwives in health care reform.

Media inquiries: Katherine Prown (414) 550-8025,

I’ve been watching the news regarding ACOG, health care reform and Midwives. I believe women (especially low risk ones!) should be allowed to eat or drink as needed during labor. Food and drink are the only way you can muster the strength and stamina to get through labor. I know from personal experience.

Personally, I had a huge pancake, bacon and hash brown breakfast and PB & J for lunch during my dilation and between contractions. I also had yogurt, mixed nuts, Powerade and water during my pushing phase of labor. It was 18 hours from the time my water broke till my baby girl was born.

There is no way in hell I would have gotten through the labor and delivery without food and drink, that is probably what ACOG wanted though. If you are too tired to push and aren’t progressing on your own (because you are starving and also running on empty) they can intervene with more costly, forceful delivery procedures…

Think about it, the more women who can’t get through labor & delivery on their own the better for their pocket books right?

Okay, I am done ranting and being opinionated. Just wanted to share the info. What are your thoughts?

Weekend #2 in our new place, it's been busy!

I’ve got 3 posts in my saved drafts that I’ve been working on. I’ve written them pretty well but cant seem to actually finish them. They are even decent writing pieces that focus on specific topics rather than my usual “here are the updates” posts like this one.

I’ve been trying to bust out some posts in advance that I’ll schedule in June to keep the blog fresh while I am away from the internet waiting for Tater to come. That is the idea at least. If anyone wants to guest post here just sign up as a user and I’ll get you all hooked up to be a contributor.

Okay, so over the weekend we did get lots done, as usual… For starters we wrangled the freecycle dog home through our back gate so now Dixie has an even nicer shelter to enjoy. Problem is Haily, the outdoor cat, is smarter than Dixie and she manages to take over the dog house every time. Dixie refuses to fight for it and just sleeps out on the deck.

Mind you Hailey has her own house that we built but she refuses to use it unless absolutely necessary. So when we go out and lure her out of Dixie’s home, Dixie can use it but it seems every time the rain starts to fall or when it gets windy Hailey is in the dog house and Dixie is outside… I give up! If the dog doesn’t want care to fight for her home that is her bad, right?

We also went by the old place to do some deep cleaning. We spent 3 hours there doing the kitchen and basement. We’ve only got a few rooms left to do now and then we’ll be totally done with that shit hole. Yay. Oh and while the cleaning was happening guess what we discovered growing on top of the basement carpet and up the outside of the wood paneling in the corner…


Yep, you can see it with your own two eyes just growing right on top of all the carpet and wood siding. We had a freestanding shelf in that corner holding my business stuff but once we moved all our things out of the basement and began vacuuming we spotted the fairly big moldy corner. N took some photos of it on his iPhone. I’ll share them soon.

It’s been over a month since we met with the slumlady and started the ball rolling on having them sign our mutual release letter. They’ve been avoiding us now for over a month and N has begun the harassing phone calls to them again. We’ve not paid them April’s rent and are trying to set up a meeting time to turn over the keys and complete the final walk though. It seems they could care less, still.

Last night N put the freecycle crib together in Tater’s room. It was an interesting process since it’s an older crib that needs work, plus the assembly instructions were nonexistent so we were winging it so to speak. It is now pieced together, just needs some wood glue and some screws tightened. We’ll buy a crib mattress for it sometime after Tater is here if we still haven’t found anything better/ safer.

We spent Sunday thrift store hopping. We were window shopping for a washing machine since come May 1 we will have no way to wash clothes (other than a laundry mat), we also thought we would keep our eyes peeled for some necessities for Tater while we were there. Things like cloth diapers, receiving blankets and a variety of sized onesies.

We managed to find some clothes and a few receiving blankets that we spent $6.00 on. We didn’t see any pack n’ play’s or newborn sleeping solutions and we didn’t see any washing machines either. We plan to keep looking, hopefully we’ll find all that we need in due time.

It’s was a windy, rainy weekend but we still managed to get some good progress made! We even found a work around for our failing external hard drive (I’ll post more on this later) and N painted my toenails for me since I can no longer reach them. Isn’t he a trooper?

We took my blood pressure at the grocery store and it was 108/70, I am still not swelling or having any heart racing or blood sugar issues. I haven’t weighed myself since we moved in, the scale is still missing but I feel like I’ve gained a few (5 or so) pounds. LOL. What do you think?

We’ve got a shower in our honor taking place in Phoenix, AZ courtesy of Krystal on May 2nd that we are getting excited about. We’ll be there via video conference to talk to and enjoy everyone’s company. If you are going to be out that direction and haven’t already received an invite shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with the details.

We’ve also got a web baby shower going on right now and a live shower chat scheduled courtesy of another bloggy friend, Maiden53, that you can check it out here.

Don’t forget to put your dollar in and place your baby weight bet! Remember 2 winners split the pool of cash so the more people who enter the better it is for YOUR pocket book, lol.

Okay, I am off to try finishing those 3 blog posts and I’ve got to feed the animals and such. Have a good monday everyone!

Oh, and if you aren’t afraid to see how an actual homebirth was featured in a commercial check out this video. Thanks Ryan and Kari for blogging this! Don’t worry it is peaceful and beautiful. Just graphic, shows nudity and you know a baby coming out from down there:

Finding rental houses (not apartments) online…

I have never understood why finding rental homes online is so much more difficult than finding apartments. When we moved out to Flagstaff, AZ we rented several apartments over the course of 2 years. Apartment complexes just don’t make things easy for multiple pet owners and families with kids seldom want to live in an apartment setting.

Sometimes renting an actual house is better but finding them is never easy! I thought it would be helpful for others if I complied my rental home resources. This is not a sponsored post but I have had the opportunity to to business with several companies on the list and will link you to the posts made when I lived in homes under the particular company’s management. Hopefully this list is helpful to some and our experiences can aid you in finding the right property management company for you!

Flagstaff, AZ Rental House Resources:

  • Pollock Properties (http://www.pollockpropertiesinc.com/rentals.html) We leased a home out in Kachina Village through them. Ann Pollock was very good to us despite the unfavorable situation we got ourselves into. We rented a home on a month to month basis, it was on the market and we had to show it whenever a Realtor had an interested buyer. The home owners were sneaky and shady but Ann was honest and helped make things right. We lived in one of their managed properties from about September 2007- February 2008. You can read about our experiences by checking the pollock properties tag (click the link).
  • Coldwell Banker Narico (http://www.mattbrydenthal.com/ or http://www.flagstaffrentals.com) – Again we leased a home out in Kachina Village through them, we signed a 6 month lease, 3 months later we were told the owners wanted to put the home back on the market and that we would be forced to show the house for the remainder of our lease or until the home sold. We lived in one of their managed properties from February 2008 to September 2008. You can read about our experiences by checking the coldwell banker tag (click the link).
  • AZNorth (http://www.aznorth.com/rentals.asp) – We had never used this company.
  • The Ginsburg Group (http://www.theginsberggroup.com/rentals.htm) – We had never used this company.
  • Levitan Properties (http://www.flaglips.com/) – We had never used this company. Specialized (when we were looking for rentals 2004-2008) in pet friendly apartment communities. No additional pet rent, deposits are fully refundable and often utilities are paid. Great for families with pets looking for apartment living in Flagstaff, AZ.

Evansville, IN Rental House Resources:

  • Evansville Homes For Rent (http://www.evansvillehomesforrent.com/search.php) – I called them and they seemed very friendly and accommodating, I told them I had emailed them and would like an email response. I also emailed them prior to calling them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me via email or phone.
  • Fetter Property Management (http://www.fprent.com) – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. I also called and left a message asking for a returned call or email. Nobody has responded to me via phone or email.
  • Lowe Realty, Inc. (http://324125ji.topagentsites.com/all_listings.html) – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me.
  • Given & Spindler (http://www.given-spindler.com/invenrn1.html) – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me.
  • Corrier Press Newspaper (http://www.courierpress.com/realestate/) – Displays listings for rental properties and contact info but did not have property photos or extensive property information. Not a good resource for those looking for rentals from outside the state.
  • F.C. Tucker Emge (http://www.fctuckeremge.com/propertymanagement/index.htm) – Displays listings and property info on their site. Homes are nice and the staff DOES respond to your emails, they are willing to help.

Hopefully this list provides some help to those searching for rental homes in Flagstaff, Arizona or Evansville, Indiana. If you have a site you want to add please do so in the comments field!

What is with snakes these days?

Over mothers day weekend there was this snake I almost stepped on that scared the crap out of me. Then last night I dream that I am walking the desert, on a hike, when I spot a snake. Then I see another, and another… The trail is crawling with snakes literally, Rattle snakes to be exact. Some are large some are small, while I am fearing the huge one to my right and trying to walk far away from it a smaller one on my left jumps up and bites my wrist.

I dreamed of being munched by a rattle snake, I thought to myself “where can I go that is safe from snakes to pass out from this attack?”. N was with me in the dream and I remember raising my wrist where I was munched to show him that the snake was still attached. I figured it would be good for the doctors if I kept the snake, you know in case they needed to make anti venom from it or something.

After that I don’t remember anything else. Strange dream huh? Then I got dressed and headed in for my last day of teaching at the high school. I wonder what a snake dream means. Hey witchypoo got any ideas?

So, still no word from Evansville, IN but we did hear from the mechanic today. The engine is shot, for sure. Now they are trying to come up with some repair options for us. You know a quote for a new engine, a quote for a salvaged engine (from the junk yard), a quote for a rebuild and all that. They are really taking care of us it seems. I love a good family mechanic that actually does try helping you and not just screwing you.

I am just not cut out for bars anymore!

Yesterday N and I went out with many of his work friends to celebrate a bunch of things all at once. One employee was leaving the company and two others just had birthdays, so we went out for Thai food and a few drinks at the bar.

Thai food was okay, I had never tried it before so I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. Then we headed over to a low key bar and had some drinks. The place was crowded but not over the top with belligerent people, we spent time there talking and hanging out. It was nice.

Later everyone decides that we should head over to another bar that has live music, it has recently changed owners so everyone wanted to check it out. N and I were agreeable about it and we all headed that direction with everyone.

At the calmer bar I was able to order a latte (I was not drinking for several reasons, this is one of them) and that was nice but at this new bar coffee was not an option so I was the odd man out not drinking. The second issue was that this place had a live band playing , which is cool when you are not surrounded with people who need to be talking constantly!

I think the constant talking results from people’s insecurities or they just want to be polite, social and all inclusive but we are at a place with live music. The point is to listen to the live music and have a good time! That was not the idea with these people, obviously.

So I stood there not drinking while I pretended to listen to N various coworkers talking about stuff. Some conversation was good but generally I just didn’t give a crap about half of what was being discussed! I stood, not drinking, trying to participate in conversations I knew nothing about while various bar partrons bumped, knocked and shoved me around. Good times huh?

Generally I am able to control my rage but for some particular reason the rudeness of the other patrons in addition to the mind numbing conversation (from particular coworkers) made me explode. I was being pushed by a rather large guy when I just hauled off and shoved back, big time. He was all “excuse me” and I muttered something like “make an effort to keep your fat a** from knocking everyone around, jerk”.

N was all worried that I was starting fights with intimidating men but I was just fuming mad! Maybe I was just hormonal, I don’t know. I have come to the conclusion that I am just not cut out for the bar scene anymore.

Oh, N did schedule that interview out in Evansville, IN for the end of the month. The opportunity is looking more and more like a real possibility! Yay!

The job search continues… Evansville, IN?

We just got a bite from a station in Evansville Indiana. We are excited about the housing prices/ the offered pay and the station is excited about N’s skills and talent after seeing his resume tape.

After chatting with the guy on the phone today N decided to go on to the next step with this station! The news director is meeting with his bosses to discuss the possibility of hiring N, if everyone agrees that he is a good match he will probably head out there for a face to face interview. Keep you fingers crossed for us and think good thoughts! This is a really promising opportunity for us.

The station in Oregon never followed up on N’s calls/ emails. They had a phone interview scheduled for last week, N called and was unable to reach the guy.. So, we have just continued to follow up on other possibilities which seems to be working out just fine.