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I gained some weight & almost got creamed by a crazy!

I have some good news to share! My bathroom scale read 103 last night, which means I weigh about 108 now! Looks like I have successfully gained some weight since seeing my lady doctor in April. My cycles are not improved yet and I suspect my period is on the way but I am going to dwell only on my success today!

Want to know the first places to grow when I gain weight? Common, guess!

Date Weight Waist Hips Chest Thigh Calf Bicep Body Fat %
5/20/2008 103 lbs / 46.7 kg 24 34 32.5 20.5 11.5 8.25 17
5/1/2008 101 lbs / 45.8 kg 24.5 33.5 31 19 11.75 8.5 15
4/29/2008 101 lbs / 45.8 kg 24.5 34.25 31 18.5 11.5 9.5 17
4/21/2008 102 lbs / 46.3 kg 24.75 33.75 31 18 11.5 7.5 15
4/20/2008 100 lbs / 45.4 kg 24.5 34.5 31.5 17.5 12 8 17

It is my boobs and hips, now I am okay with a little boob growth but for the love of god my a$$ is big enough! Ha.. So the peanut butter toast idea from HyphenMama, the snack mix bag idea from Lori and the cheesey-wheezy, ooey-gooey goodness from Writer Chick has helped me! Thanks a bunch guys, now I just need to keep it up.

Now for the second part of the post, the crazy who tried to cream me this morning. As I was driving N to work on I40 this psycho comes flying up behind me in his dark colored truck. I was in the right hand lane cruising at about 70 mph (the speed limit was 65 mph). I noticed him in my rear view mirror and remarked that he was going soooo fast!

He files right past me, going like 90- 100 mph and is now barreling towards the person in the left hand lane ahead of me (who is obviously NOT going 90 mph), then the speeding-crazy driver veers into the right lane in front of me and is now about to ram another car that is not going 90 mph.

Through all this he doesn’t apply his brake once, N and I were sure he was going to rear end the red car in front of us, I had my foot near the brake and was scoping out the right shoulder in case I was going to have to veer off the road to avoid the potential accident in front of us.

The speeding truck then cuts off the person in the left lane, clears the red car and goes speeding on his way. What a psycho driver! Was he running from someone or road raging? I was sorry we weren’t able to get his license plate number because he needed to be reported. Driving like that is just dumb and it puts everyone around you in danger.

If you want to kill yourself that is your business but don’t go harming others just because you are erratic, crazy and careless. Geeze, people these days blow my mind!

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

4 thoughts on “I gained some weight & almost got creamed by a crazy!

  1. Wow. People like that really need their licenses taken away before they hurt someone. That is just nuts and asking for trouble.

    I’m one who gains in the boob area first too. But it is good you gained there and the hips. If you want a child then those are good places to have it. Trust me. You may want to breast feed. And I know from experience that it is hard to hold a child on your hip when you don’t have any. I used to have my nieces and nephews always sliding down my legs. LOL

  2. Yayyyy for weight gain! I go for surgery tomorrow, and that was the big obstacle, I needed to gain at least 10 pounds. I finally cracked the triple digits, and have been able to stay above it, so surgery is a go!

    Loris last blog post..cut on the dotted line

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