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Crazy weather makes my animals crazy!

Just so you know, it is currently snowing, hailing and raining in spurts here and is supposed to continue through the weekend. If you are heading to Northern Arizona for some memorial day camping or outdoor fun be advised- It is damn cold!

We are not planning any outdoor fun this weekend but the weather surely impacts our lives regardless of our indoor plans… It make the animals crawl the dang walls! I swear it is like we have toddlers gnomes roaming the house at night…

N woke up this morning to Mr. Guy jumping on his face, yep it drew blood and made him rather grumpy since it occurred at 5am. Then N ventured out to the kitchen to get coffee started and the freezer door was open! Our other cat, Jack, has an obsession with walking on the top to the fridge/ freezer and he somehow opens the freezer door leaving the food to melt and spoil.

After N solved the bloody face and freezer door issues he sees that cat sh!t has been strewn all over the hallway. Our dog, Dixie, has to be gated off from the guest bath where the litter box is. She feels cat poo is the most scrumptious treat and she will leave little poo crumbs at and all around the scene of the crime.

After N cleaned up the poo crumbs in the hall he put Dixie outside, she likes to jump around and bark in the mornings to instigate “play time” while I am still sleeping. N puts her outside to keep the house quiet till I wake. Unfortunately it is blistering cold today so leaving the dog out to get frostbite wasn’t a good plan. He brought her inside, she noisily tried to get him to play with her. He turned his back on her and she went off barking. This angered him of course.

N had a rough morning, to say the least. Our animals are grooming us well for parenthood, they give me gray hairs! Jack is a fan of scratching the door jams so we cover them all with clear tape so he can’t grip them. He also can shred a cardboard box in a matter of days so this makes packing, moving or living out of boxes a problem.

Andrew can open doors and switch the lights off and on which makes shower time a blast, he is also great at escaping the house through window screens, doggie doors and more! Oh and he can jump on top of doors, yes on the very top of them while staying balanced in order to get to something he really want (aka the birds).

Hailey makes all the other animals angry at her and they often gang up on her throwing tufts of hair everywhere while over exaggerating loud cat fight screaming and yowling (you would think something was being killed!)

Mr. Guy is our schedule keeper and will loose his mind if we don’t keep the routine going each and every day! He wakes us up and will pace the room crying, getting in your face and triping you till you do what he thinks you are supposed to. This includes shower time for N and feeding time but is known to extend to other tasks from time to time. Oh and he pees in the tub/ sink when he feels the box is to much of a hassle.

Oh and the birds (Zebra Finches) have 19 eggs in their nest today! I know they didn’t lay all 19 recently. Only about 10 are recent but they just keep laying eggs, burying them in the nest and laying more. Guess they are having fertility issues too!

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Ugh, it is enough to make you crazy! We are so ready for a human child… I think. ;-P

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6 thoughts on “Crazy weather makes my animals crazy!

  1. Just wait ’til you bring a human child into the mix. The animals will all freak out!! They’ll all poo on the floor, eat toys, pee everywhere. It’s like they regress as a punishment for bringing a HUMAN into their life. It’s a hoot.

    We had 8 tornadoes just north of here today. The weather is CRAZY. Luckily, my animals don’t seem fazed.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Pet Peeve Thursday

  2. Holy crap about the 19 eggs – those are some horny little finches you have there! LOL

    Isn’t it funny how each animal has their own little personality? My cats act all funny during weird weather too though. Toast gets all low to the ground and scared and hides when he hears thunder. Jam – she likes to growl whenever someone comes in our yard or rings our doorbell. I think she is part dog.

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