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I have spring fever! Is winter over yet?

coffee-maker.jpgWell, we are moved in to our new place and it’s a bit like Christmas here every day! We are discovering all kinds of “surprises” each day as the snow melts. Some of the “surprises” are pleasant because they are signs that spring is around the corner, others a just

Yesterday we determined a smashed up coffee maker was rearing it’s head in the back yard. It was apparently thrown there before the snow started falling, got burred and is now frozen in place till the ice/ snow thaws. Another discovery is the box of files and games on our front porch area. It too was buried under snow and was undetectable till things started thawing.bag-of-rotton-poatoes.jpg

The more pleasant discoveries include the three rose bushes and some emerging bulbs that are in the flower bed under our front windows. After moving in the snow I am ready for spring, the weather man says it’s not close yet but the native plants are emerging!!

According to the farmers almanac we will be getting snow till about tax time (April 15th) so we still have some snow coming and can’t quite begin gardening yet. I am ready fro winter to be over already!



How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Are plants emerging yet or are you expecting more winter? We are expecting more snowy weather but are gearing up for spring!

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