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I want to cloth diaper bad!!!

After yesterday’s Vlog post and the 2 hour chat I thought I would post about cloth diapers since there was so much discussion about them in the chat. Plus, I have family that are also intrigued about the new advances and technologies of the cloth diaper. So here is my view on them:

After research and talking to other cloth diapering moms I’ve found that the bumGenius 3.0 is the diaper everyone raves about! It is an eco friendly diaper that most resembles a disposable diaper. You can click to enlarge the image.

It has velcro and snaps to fasten and change the fit of the diaper. It has a super absorbent lining (plus a removable insert) and a waterproof outside. They fit most babies from 7 to 35 pounds which saves me money and they will last! Plus they are good for the environment and machine washable so I can take care of them myself which is the ultimate in sustainability!

Nothing about them is disposable which saves the landfill some space. Of course eco friendly disposable diapers are also useful for certain situations which is why I’ve also registered for a few of those on my amazon wishlist.

Anyway, the idea is to shake or spray the solids off the cloth diaper before washing. Then you launder them with special enzyme detergent that eats the poo particles and germs. They go in the dryer to dry (or on the clothes line) and you reuse them time and time again. They really are the best of many worlds in regards to cloth diapering.

The key is to have as many in your stash as possible so you can be changing baby and laundering diapers in a relaxed fashion. Plus the more diapers you have the more often baby can be changed which in turn keeps baby’s bottom dry and rash free!

If you want to know more about the bumGenius 3.0 watch a video on them! Just click the size you would like to watch: small or large (Windows Media Player required). (The yellow undies are just to cover the baby bits in the video. They are not part of the diaper.)

I am hoping to build up my stash of cloth diapers so I wouldn’t mind getting other brands of cloth diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, Gro Baby, Bumwear, Econappi, etc. in addition to the bumGenius 3.0. Some of the other makers of cloth diapers have some pretty cute patterns and styles, plus variety in design and functionality is always good right?

I even found an online store that has a “choose your brands” diaper pack sampler that allows for a variety of different brands of diapers to be purchased all at once.

So, yeah. That is my overview on cloth diapering and my pick of most preferred diaper brand. Now what is your take on cloth diapering? Do you have a brand or style you swear by?

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  1. My brother and I were cloth diaper babies. I was allergic to disposable diapers (Scott says this proves I have always been high maintence-whatever). I am a disposable diaper user because Shawn was allergic to the stuff used to clean the disposable diapers. Weird, right? We just stuck with disposables with Steven because it was easier. I will say- I hear all the time that kids are potty trained sooner with cloth and it seems to be a big money saver as well as good for the enviroment.

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  2. HI! I saw your post on Wiimommies. I cloth diapered my daughter and I’m so happy I did. She was allergic to disposable and I was desperate to try anything. It was so easy! I started with all in ones but eventually just used prefolds and covers. If you have any questions just drop me a line 🙂

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