Is this labor? Signs and symptoms remind us parenthood isn't far…

Yesterday I had planned to blog about all the free iris’ we got off freecycle over the weekend, I had other things to mention. Like a great aunt who responded to our pregnancy announcements/ baby shower invitation and wants to reconnect. She only lives a state away from us now… There has been a whole slew of stuff I was going to write about here on the blog…

Then real life hit and I was just drop dead tired yesterday. I napped right after visiting the chiropractor for my adjustments, then woke up, checked over the bills (N is training to take them over while I am away at The Farm), clipped a ton of coupons, strategized our grocery shopping and got a major memo from Tater.

She dropped down yesterday. She was really low and super, crazy active all night. I was having some major stabs of cervix pain along with some discharge (or early stages of mucus plug loss)… All early signs of labor. The thing is all these things can happen weeks before labor or just days before depending on the mom and the baby.

Tater is basically just warning us to get our butts in gear because the clock is a ticking! LOL.

I am not worried at all, she isn’t coming right this moment or anything. But she could if she wanted to! Basically I am just taking the hint and packing up everything I can for me, baby and getting as many lists and papers in order for N as possible because time is sure running out and we need to be ready in case things do get started early.

Got the “who to call when Tater is coming” phone list up by the phone. My medical records, midwife’s number, hospital’s number, parents numbers and all the emergency stuff is in a file for N. I am making a list of last minute things to grab right before we head off to the farm (like pillows from the bed, food, shampoo, etc). Got all the baby clothes/ blankets washed and packed for the trip. Have the partially stocked birth kit packed… You know just gathering, packing and preparing like a madwoman.

I’ll be “full term” in just 3 short weeks so literally Tater could be here any day now, or she could hold off and be late. It is all unknown, exciting and kind of surreal. Makes me say “Yay, wow and holy crap” all at the same time.

I plan to tweet via text messaging once labor begins and I plan to try keeping everyone in the loop this way (as much as I can based upon how I am doing at the time) so be sure to follow me on twitter if you want to see how things are going. You can also see my recent twitter updates here on the blog sidebar and I’ll probably embed them in a post once I am off to deliver Tater.

So, there you have the pregnancy updates… Now what have I forgot to put on a list or pack? Hmm I need to get busy.

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  1. So exciting! I’ve been having cramping and today I read that it’s my body’s way of getting ready for labor. Kind of a warm-up and I got super excited. No concern that I am only 33 weeks – just excited! lol.

    Janelles last blog post..Floss to the rescue!

  2. I can’t believe it is nearing this time already; so happy for you and wish you the best. Sounds like nesting is going well for you :p

  3. Really… this time has flown by! My first was 22 days late. My second was was 14 days late. My third was 21 days late.

    Early and on time are concepts I do not understand!

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