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Just a waitin' for the time to pass, loo loo loo.

Last night we got an email from evansville confirming that it has indeed been crazy hectic out there as a result of the severe weather. They aren’t blowing us off, they are just dealing with more pressing issues right now. N was assured he would get a call today, problem is he was sent off on assignment today so he is on the road. I am just sitting home, wasting time on plurk, a waitin’ for some word from him.

We are still waiting on the job offer before we make a decision about the car repair. If he gets a decent offer that we can accept we will just sell the car or something. Towing one less car out of state is fine by us, in the meantime the broken car is sitting on my moms land, a waitin’…

We are so looking forward to having this weekend at home. Maybe we will go see a movie or something and enjoy a low key weekend, if N gets to come home from his “on assignment” crap for work… I can’t wait for the weekend, I am just a waitin’ for the time to pass…

What are your plans this weekend, are you doing anything special? Want to plurk?

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  1. Ok I have to ask, what is plurkin? Is that a combo of plonkin and lurkin? Cause I do plonk, and I do lurk, so maybe I have been plurkin and not knowin?

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