Milestones and laziness: The joys of parenthood.

This family will be in bed all weekend! After taking a trip last weekend and working all week in addition to taking care of Everly we are ready to do NOTHING for as long as possible.

As it stands we have no plans for the weekend. We’ll probably play Wii and take care of things around the house if we are feeling motivated or something. Mainly I just want to sleep and lay because my back, neck and head have been killing me.

Carrying a baby around 24/7 is the worst part of parenthood for me because my darn muscles still aren’t used to it. My back and neck are so tight that I’ve had a headache almost every day for 2 weeks due to the muscle tension and strain.

I even went to the chiropractor on Thursday morning to have it all checked out and fixed. I am feeling worse since the adjustments which is normal (for about a day or so) but miserable and I don’t think the adjustments have fixed anything.

Other than the muscle strain and tension parenthood is going well for us. Everly is a pretty good baby and she sleeps great at night. The daytime naps are really helping her fussiness too.

We’ve been having fun watching her develop. She’s cooing and singing now which is fun. We talk to her and make faces, she smiles and makes sounds back at us. She’s also got several favorite things to look at, black and while photos, animal print, light shining though the window, etc.

She’s very strong too! She’s started trying to stand a bit while we are holding her to burp. She pushes off our laps with her legs and hold her self up while leaning against us.

She’s holding her head up great and on Wednesday she rolled over during tummy time and I could hardly believe it. It scared her to roll over but I was so amazed and excited for her. On Thursday morning we tried to show N her trick and I managed to get it on video too!

It is pretty amazing to watch them grow and develop right before your eyes…

Crap!! Just had to throw my laptop aside and run over to Everly. She cried out in this unusually high pitch cry then proceed to gurgle, choke and milk sprayed out her nose and mouth. She was in a dead sleep sitting in her swing, gently rocking side to side before all this happen.

I freaked, ran over, unbuckled her and turned her over to help her clear her airways. So freaking scary! Now I am all worried about her and her tummy now.

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  1. LOL, putting it like that is perfect! A science project you have to keep alive. Way harder than the stupid bag of flour/ baby project they give you in high school.

  2. She is so precious. Time does go by so fast when you have kids. Riley is about to turn 1 and I am tripping out. The last year went by so fast. That is great that she is rolling over and you will be amazed by all the milestones she will reach in her 1st year.

  3. The joys of parenthood far outweigh the fears… but sometimes you wonder!

    On my oldest daughters’ 16th birthday, she soloed. The year before I’d gone through her getting her driver’s license and the joy/fear of seeing her back a car out of our driveway and leave on her own.

    But that was nothing. Thank GOD my Mom was there with me when my daughter soloed because I could not watch the landing. Takeoff is not so hard, flying is easy, but landing… not so much. As she approached the runway I turned to my Mom and we buried our heads in each other’s shoulders.

    Turning over is the first step toward their independence from you… it’s joyful, it’s what you want and what they need but it’s scary as hell sometimes.
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..Complexity For Complexity’s Sake =-.

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