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Mom, it’s like a zoo around here! St. Francis of Assisi at work?

After quite a stint of pet woes it seems we are getting a dose of some animal cuteness. A chick hatched out last week that we have in a brooder inside the house right now. Super cute!

The husky dog returned to have some fun. She’s cute and sweet as long as there aren’t any poultry that could become her playthings. Munched poultry is NOT cute and I just had to process a prized hen last week because husky “played” with her.

Nathan jumped in the farm’s work truck to drive the husky back to her home- three miles away when a kitten jumps from the truck, in to his arms… and pees on him.

He brings the kitten inside to me since the husky in the truck literally scares the pee water out of it. We exchange a long WTF look of disbelief while Nathan stands there, kitten in arms- covered in stinky cat pee. I take kitty and check it out. No collar, its male- intact it seems, it’s got an old tail injury but is very social and loves people.

I rig up an indoor cage for it to spend the night in. It’s clearly someones pet and if turned loose into the cold night it’s likely to become a coyote dinner…

Once Nathan returns from dropping the husky dog off we ponder the mystery of the kitten in the truck.

The truck had its windows up so we are uncertain how the kitten even managed to get in there. A farm coworker used the truck today for hauling so it’s possible he’s playing a joke on us… or that his kitten snuck in the truck without him knowing… or something else completely.

Nonetheless, we are enjoying a dose of cute kitten while we figure out where he belongs. The girls are smitten with the kitten for sure and I’m always a sucker for cute animals so unless we find this guy’s family, he’ll likely stay with us.

When Everly came wandering up the stairs- when she should have been sleeping she exclaimed “oh, a kitten! Just what I’ve always wanted.” Of course we explained the kitten isn’t ours. This morning she told me “Our house is like a zoo. So many animals to visit with!”. Adalyn drew the kitten a picture and sang it a song… “I like you, you are cute…”.

Every year we find ourselves the magnet for animals needing help. Nathan says it’s like we’ve got St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology channeled or something. I say they just sense that we are suckers and that they’ll be safe.

Do you find yourself a magnet for animals or is it just us?

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