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My creativity is sucked dry but we are making progress!

I cannot believe there is only 1 week of broadcast time left for the station! N and I are doing just fine in light of the news. Things just worked out for us it seems but we are still in shock about it all happening so fast. He will still be working until 8/26 so the news doesn’t impact our moving schedule at all.

I still have tons of moving stuff to get done but we have managed to insure the motor home, schedule the turn off of our utilities and I got us a new phone number out in evansville. We have our new address and we’ll have the mover booked in no time.

Now we are just tying up the loose ends here in Arizona with employers, friends, family and making the small preparations for the move. I think our route is decided too! Were going through Kansas to see the Dorthy museum.

Now I am wondering… what aspects of the move are you most interested in? I am fresh out of creative ideas but I want to share whatever you are interested in so let me know what you would like to read about!

I saw this today, how cool. This is why I loved physics!

Crazy Rube Goldberg Device

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