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The Celebrity Ads, what are your thoughts?

It seems everyone but Britney Spears has responded to McCain’s petty celebrity ad! When Paris Hilton responded it was funny but now that Obama has responded I am not sure what I think.

I mean there are too many other important issues to focus on right now and all we can dwell on is the celebrity ads. I have already made up my mind about the candidates but isn’t this petty stuff just ridiculous?

What are your thoughts on it all? Here are the videos in case you missed them, though I doubt you did.

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0 thoughts on “The Celebrity Ads, what are your thoughts?

  1. Most of the advertising is crap and totally petty and ridiculous. However, it tends to work for them sometimes because it gets their names to the forefront of the undecided people’s minds. Sadly, that is enough for some people to make a decision.

  2. I wish that we would be able to have a complete list..on paper. (internet)…Everyone would have the SAME list..based off that we could decide which candidate is closer to our way of thinking. Ad money would be used for education in the poorer areas of the United States…
    How’s that?

    ps..I could care less what the celebrities think, they can afford private education and private medical care.

    mps last blog post..Weekend Update AKA It’s Monday already?

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