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Pretty, pretty Orchids!

Instead of getting cut flowers for valentines day I got a pretty potted orchid! I love plants so this just makes my day, although I am not confident that I’ll be able to keep it alive since the temperature and light levels in my home are so whacked…

Anyway, wanted to take to opportunity to share a beautiful orchid photo I took. I love trying to capture beauty with my camera. You can buy a copy of the orchid shot by clicking on the image (wink, wink). Many of my other photographs are for sale @



I actually forgot I was still selling some of my photos till today and I thought some color would be nice on this gloomy, cold February day. Hopefully you all are staying warm!

Oh, if you are interested in growing orchids here is what I learned about the growing conditions of mine:

Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Info-

Needs daytime temperatures between 70 & 90 degrees and nighttime temperatures between 60 & 70 degrees. Will need watter every 5-7 days to stay evenly moist. Keep the foliage dry and water in the morning. This orchid can only tolerate moderate indirect light and it does best when fertilized 1-2 times per month.

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