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Sisters practice for baby brother’s arrival… Not much time is left.

Things have been pretty non-stop around here lately, I’m guessing it’s just going to continue until our newest family member has joined us in a few short weeks.

Everly and Adalyn are practicing for the arrival of their baby brother and for the excitement of Christmas. Some days they are bundling baby dolls (that they usually never play with) in blankets. Other days they are wrapping toys in blankets and pretending they are gifts to open.  Everly just grilled me on baby care techniques like carrying, holding and soothing. “Can we swing baby brother like this?” she asks while holding a doll by it’s arms…

Adalyn is always asking me about baby brother in my belly, she likes to try listening to him with a stethoscope and she hugs my belly and likes to lift my shirt to check it out often. She also always asks if he’s coming out now, then she does her baby having squat and makes a serious face. LOL. We keep telling her it’s not quite time yet but it will be soon.

We just had our “birth plan negotiations” with our delivering doctor last week and I’m happy to report, things seem to be smooth sailing for this “Homebirth in the hospital” that we are planning. The doctor isn’t giving us a hard time about our unconventional wishes and plans and I’m feeling really good about the upcoming birth. By the way, we wont be live streaming the birth this time but we’ll probably have a birth video to share afterwards… if we have enough hands to get a recording of it.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is fast approaching? We’ve been doing some Thanksgiving related home schooling these days and I can’t believe how darn fast time is passing!

Did I mention we AREN’T having a turkey this year? We refuse to buy conventionally raised turkey and we still have several massive amish hams in the freezer so that makes the decision for us. 

Did you know our local, more natural turkey farmers are charging something like $50-$70 for a small turkey? Also, you usually need to be on a turkey pre-order with your farmer several months in advance to score a bird (which we’ve failed to do)… so we are planning to just have one of our amazing, massive hams this year instead of a bird.

We are also planning to decorate for Christmas early this year, the day after Thanksgiving to be exact *gasp*. Our little guy could come at any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and we want the house to be done already so we have less to worry about when he comes home. We normally roll our eyes at people who decorate for Christmas like two months early and while we wont be THAT ahead of the mark… we will be decorating earlier this year. I’m sure the girls will be stoked.

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