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Someone leaves the island…

Yeah, strange title. I am weird creative like that! It is 11:16 pm Indiana time and I am 3 hours away from winning a David’s Davids Bridal Felina Longline Bra off eBay. It was the special bra they put me in the day I visited Davids bridal and tried on dresses, it was amazing. Just not amazing enough to fork out $80 for a freaking bra. I figure getting if for under $45 and paying shipping is a good deal so I am camped out with my laptop watching the auction.

Last night at about 2am I woke to an Elizabethan collar banging against the bathtub, yeah Hailey is in one again. This time it is because she is missing the huge patch of fur under her chin. We have been applying ointment, we tried covering her neck with a bandage also. Unfortunately nothing has succeeded in keeping her from scratching her flesh open where this patch is healing. So we busted out our trusty Elizabethan collar again.

After waking to the sounds the collar clanking against the bathtub I began to analyze. Did I leave the bathmat down after my bath? When you do that it gets pooed on so after each use we hang it on the side of the tub. If the bathmat is up where it belongs then that means SOMEONE is pooing in the laundry hamper by the bathtub. Either way pooing was taking place, I was sure of it. The poo is just sending me over the edge guys!

So I throw the covers back and tip toed to the bathroom where the suspected poo shinanigans are taking place. I enter the bathroom, flick the light on and low and behold, it is Hailey squeezing one out on the bathmat! I yelled, grabbed her and placed her in the litter box right in the middle of her dump. Now I bet you guess what happens next… She wont finish pooing!

We have two litter boxes (one on each floor), we buy the expensive litter and I scoop the box every day so there is no reason for the cats to be boycotting the litter box. That hasn’t stopped Hailey from pooing wherever she wants.

Now I know that she is just going to go finish her pooing somewhere else now that I have interrupted her and confiscated the bathmat for washing. Like I said before I am at my limit with the inappropriate pooing. I don’t want her to leave us a present somewhere else in the house so I sit there in the closed bathroom trying to encourage her to finish her pooing at 2 am. She refuses so I lock her in the bathroom after removing the laundry basket and the bathmat, then I crawl back in bed.

Hailey stayed locked in the bathroom for an hour. She refused to finish her pooing and she proceed to annoy me by banging her collar against the clossed door and scratching the hell out of the door.

By 3am I was decided, she was so voted off this island! I asked N if the garage windows were all closed, he muttered assurance so I grabbed Hailey, put on some shoes and found the flashlight.

We make the trek out to the garage where I dumped her off for the night. We now have ourselves a garage cat. The great thing is she has an entire world to poo on now, not just my bathmats and carpet.

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10 thoughts on “Someone leaves the island…

  1. I think that she is just telling you that she is mad that you moved her. Cats are real funny that way 🙁 Maybe closing her up in the bathroom all night with her catbox? And nothing in the floor to “decorate”? I hope that she does not get in a permanent habit.

  2. I’ve heard people had success in taking one of their, um, “decorations” and placing it into the litterbox and leaving it there as a way to mark it as their appropriate spot for pooing because they may be acting out from a move or smell other animals from previous owners in the house. I haven’t had this issue myself so I’m just going by what I’ve heard from others. But it sounds like it’s worth a try. Although, who knows – maybe the garage thing is a good idea too. Keep us posted.

  3. Oops – just thought of something else. Cats do weird things to let us know when they are sick sometimes. I’ve heard of cats going purposely just outside of their litterbox when they have been sick. I had one episode like that way back when and it was a male cat who had blood in his urine. If he hadn’t gone outside the box like that, I never would have noticed the blood because I was using clumping litter and it would have been difficult to see. Fortunately, he let me know he was sick the only way he could and I got him to the vet where we found that the brand of cat food he was eating was causing crystallization in his kidneys or bladder (I can’t remember which now) and that caused him pain and blood on urination. So a quick change of foods and I had a better kitty. Anyway, you mentioned the Elizabethan collar thing so it could be that the scratching is due to the itching of an infection or something and she is just somehow letting you know something is wrong. I dunno.

  4. Wow– I wonder if teeni is on to something! I hope you get the inappropriate pooing under control! My cats pee on our dirty laundry on the basement floor, if it’s been there for more than 24 hours. I HATE it… but poo would really push me over the edge.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Prayer Circle

  5. I hope that Hailey is ok. We had a cat that peed all over the floors. We even moved and she still peed. She was mad that we had a baby. But, there is nothing worse than waking up and stepping in a yucky surprise that is left on the floor!

    Good luck on your ebay auction! Hope you won:)

    Beckys last blog post..A Highlight

  6. I had a miniature pincher that would do that, just poo anywhere he felt like it. In all the time we had him, he would not do it outside or on the papers we put down for him. When we had new carpet installed in the house, the very first morning I stepped in mini pin poo at the bottom of the stairs. I called the vet and asked him to find a new home for that dog.

    Karens last blog post..Project 365 Day 6

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