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Still pregnant and still preparing for baby Tater's arrival

I am 37 weeks 4 days pregnant today. Things are still going as planned and all is well, I’ve just been less energetic and basically I am irritable and restless at this point. My mind is going 100 miles a minute but my body can’t keep up. I try getting out and doing stuff but am quickly forced to retreat back to the couch or bed.

Haven’t had much to say here on the blog because all is still going fine and as expected, I feel like I’ve been sharing the normal updates for 9 months and they are the same ole shit, different day- LOL.

Tater is still moving like a mad woman, I am still mucus plug loosing. Contractions are now hurty and tight at the same time but never steadily increasing in frequency and in intensity. My water hasn’t broken, I am not bleeding or spotting and basically Tater could come at anytime now safely.

It is all a matter of when, where and how at this point but I think we’ll make it to The Farm for her arrival unless I have an ungodly quick and unexpected labor.

Oh, N is having his own mood swings and restlessness these days too. Over the weekend I just wanted to chill and be with him, you know lay in bed and talk or whatever. I am in a “chill” mood and unfortunately he has adopted my “go, go, go” tendencies and cannot seem to sit still these days.

I explained that he now looks at me like I am a ticking time bomb and that whenever I am in his general vicinity he jumps up and cleans or begins work on doing something. He laughed at me and gave me the “somebody has to do things” argument. We’ve officially swapped roles these days which is mildly amusing and has also resulted in many “tell it like it is” conversations between us.

That is the good thing about our relationship though, we’ve both got no problem with bluntness and honesty. I can tell him he is being an ass and he can respond back that I am to freaking hormonal or crazy and then we discuss and move on. Grudges aren’t held and feelings don’t remain hurt, we can just put it all out there and them move on with life. We’ve had a few good laughs over all this hormonalness too.

Also, last night we did some mindless blogger contest entering together. He is in awe of all I’ve managed to win in contests these days and he is getting on board with the contests now. Recently I’ve been able to win him two pretty sweet fathers day gifts. Remember that camera extender I blogged about? Won it!

Oh and funny story… You know how I’ve explained about how our front door is behind our back gate? Well our gas meter is also behind our back gate and today we witnessed a very clever meter reader tricking our dog so he could get a read.

This guy carries dog treats with him that he throws over the fence to distract the dog, then real quick he pops his head inside the gate take a read off the meter and slams the gate back closed before the dog is even finished with the treat. Smart guy. N and I were amused to see this through our window today. Dixie didn’t even know she was foiled, LOL.

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  1. Donna B. ยป

    That is how he looks at me!! “OMG, she’s gonna blow!” He says it is because he’s gotta tie up all the loose ends around the house and get all his daddy do list items taken care of. What is this daddy do list? I had no idea it existed!

    Yep, a countdown necklace would really make his blood pressure soar. LOL!

  2. I personally think the last few weeks of pregnancy and so emotional. A- your crazy uncomfortable, tired, wacked out hormonal, and all that anxiety/excitement/to do stuff is highly on your mind. I distinctly remember being 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with Shawn and just sitting on the floor in his bedroom crying because I felt like everything was done and we were ready for him but then on the other hand it was like…holy crap- are we ever going to be ready for him. I had slept all of like 3 hours the night before- Id finally get comfortable and then had to get up to pee- it went on for hours. Very rough and whenever I see women this far in their pregnancy and they have that overall look of “I AM DONE” on their face I just want to hug them and tell them it really is all worth it. So, that is what I am sending to you ((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))) and I cant WAIT to see Tater either. : )

    Heidi Simpsons last blog post..Early Morning

  3. T~you DO look like you may explode ๐Ÿ™‚ – you have such a tiny frame to have such a large tummy!

    I am so very excited that she is almost here! I check twitter often during the day for any news of her arrival ๐Ÿ™‚

    Relax… you and N are going to be such awesome parents! And, I agree… all of this uncomfortableness is soooo worth it!

    maiden53s last blog post..In Memory of Tonka

  4. Yay on winning all the good stuff. All the ickyness of these last few weeks are so worth it!

    And too funny about the dog. I’ve seen our meter man give our dogs treats so they don’t slobber him to death. And my dogs have no idea what is going on ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beckys last blog post..Revisiting the Bottom

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