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It's been a special day…

… and I don’t mean special in a good way!

Yesterday I sprayed lotion in my hair instead of hair spray. I did it right as we were about to walk out the door too so I had the pleasure of enjoying greasy lotion hair all through the afternoon and evening. Special!

Today has been just as great. First one of our pet finches got his abnormally long toenails stuck in the store bought wicker nest. Luckily he was rescued and went unscathed unlike the female finch we had back in the day that got stuck and lost several toes as a result.

It is a game day for the colorguard I teach so we rehearsed this afternoon and I was a flying ant magnet! I retrieved several of them from my cleavage, luckily the boob sweat killed ’em once they went down there.

Then I was coming home so Everly could have a nap and as we are heading in our front gate she spews curdled milk down my cleavage and a huge bee flies in to the side of my head. Turns out we have quite the bee family living on our gate under a wood slat or something.

Like I said, it’s been real special!

Our zebra finches are persistant & stubborn!

Today when we went to refill our bird food for the zebra finches N made a discovery!


We took the finch nest out of the cage because all the experts say that without a nest finches wont try to breed. Well, this is the 2nd time our zebra finches have proved them wrong! So we broke down and put the nest back in the cage, moved the eggs to the nest and are getting ready for another batch of babies!

Enjoying holiday gifts and the miracles of life..

On December 26th we headed into town to pick up some accessories for our new goodies and we needed to exchange a gift I got N, he needed a smaller size belt.. While exchanging the belt we found him 3 pairs of pants that were each under $10.00 and I got about 6 shirts that were under $5.00. The after Christmas sales were awesome!

With my new camcorder I made a video of our 3 baby finches. Witnessing the miracle of life unfold in our own home has been great! They are all flying now, mom and dad are still feeding them and I captured feeding time on video for you to enjoy!

We are off to go see Enchanted in the theater today. Enjoy the finch video and have a good day!