The Art of Winterguard….

I am a colorguard/ winterguard instructor, it is my passion and my hobby. I love to watch and design winterguard shows. April is a big month for winterguards all over the world becasue world championships are taking place.

[youtube Oha4_VeEky0 Winterguard in the news]

The unit I teach is a young high school/ beginning unit of the sport and we have not ventured out into the world competitons yet.

My unit performed against other units across the state this year in our first full competitive year ever! We and got bumped up a division at the beginning of the season and I am super pleased with all my students were able to achieve!

[youtube T4Z0dfWf36s Sinagua HS 3/31/07 Winterguard Show]

Another arizona group that did attend world championships is the Academy Winterguard.. Their show is below:

[youtube 7d-4-Nrmgcw Academy Winterguard 2007]

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