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The birds got free and other crazy pet stories…

Well today was quite an eventful day! The school district called another snow day so I didn’t have to teach again today. I slept in a bit and then got up and let the Alexandria Maybelle (our bunny) run around the house. She was jumping and running in her cage and it seemed like she wanted to stretch her legs, so we put Dixie in her home and let Alexandria out of hers.

While bunny was running free N comes to me and declares “she did it”! She did what I asked… Turns out our female finch laid an egg today despite the fact that we removed their nest!

Our finches are currently raising 3 babies, the babies just started feeding themselves and today we discovered more laid eggs! We took the nest from the cage because we didn’t want our finches to lay anymore eggs and all the literature said that without a nest they would not lay eggs. We wanted some time before more babies were hatched.

Well, guess that idea is out the window! So, we went into the office to see the freshly laid egg and to decide what to do next.

We decided to remove the babies from the cage the parents were in. All the literature says that the parents would pluck the baby’s feathers and may kill them when they are trying to reproduce again.

We borrowed this cage from my mother, we are giving my parents a finch once the babies are sexed and older so they lent us a cage that we will transport their baby in when it’s time.

Anyway, we decided to put the babies in the borrowed cage but had a slight problem, the finches flew right between the bars of the cage! We had 4 birds flying free all over the office… Thankfully our cats we all out of the office so the birds were safe.

We attempted to shoot a video of us trying to get the birds back in the cage…

We also had some fun times with the crazy snow that has fallen lately.. We have had 2 snow days in a row and have had lots of snow to shovel.

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