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The Good Household Tip Meme- Garbage disposal cleaner

Okay I wasn’t tagged for this meme but I did see it on Witchypoo‘s blog and also on Teeni’s blog so I decided to take it upon myself to share my tip!

Garbage disposal cleaner-

You know how your garbage disposer gets that gross smell and sometimes a slimy film? Don’t but store bought cleaners for this simple cleaning task make your own! Did you know that white vinegar is a powerful disinfectant/ cleaner?

All you need to make your own garbage disposal cleaner is some white vinegar, and ice tray and a sealed baggie. Fill the ice tray with vinegar, freeze and when the cubes are nice and frozen transfer them to your sealed baggie for storage int he freezer.

Once a week place 2-3 cubes in the disposer with a slow stream of water turn the disposer on and let the cubes work their magic!

I am tagging April, N and Hyphen Mama for this meme! Here are the instructions:

Instructions for this meme:

Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good, post your tips in your blog and after your tips, you will want to tag some friends.
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3 thoughts on “The Good Household Tip Meme- Garbage disposal cleaner

  1. Wow – awesome tip! I SHOULD have tagged you! But I’m glad you took your own initiative and shared with us. I’ll definitely use that for my garbage disposal! Who’d have thought to freeze the vinegar into cubes – you are too good! 😀

    teeni’s last blog post..I?m XX-L-Ent!

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