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Time flies… When it Rains, it pours… We have some more news too!

Is it strange that vacuuming was enjoyable for me this last week? I got a wild hair and was having a good ole time with our vintage Filter Queen vacuum. It might have been the warmer weather that got me all motivated or perhaps it’s the prospects of getting out of this place and in to the home we just looked at. Either way, I was cleaning and even packing stuff up. Woho for motivation!

The last few weeks have been filled with all sorts of crapola and it’s made us grumpy at times but we are glad to have gotten so much accomplished. Here is a recap complete with links in case you missed something or a bored and want to read our drama.

We got our taxes filed and our returns are on the way, we got our February rent check mystery solved with the bank, we got our march rent paid and sent off in this certified letter that still hasn’t been picked up!

We looked at so many home options, decided on and bought Tater’s nursery bedding, we rescued a bird from the wall of this house, delt with and remedied the broken garbage disposal, we finished Boners homemade cage but he managed to mate with Maybelle anyway and we are expecting baby bunnies in a few weeks now!

In the next two weeks I’ve got 2 prenatal appointments (one at The Farm with Pamela and one with the local OBGYN), I have a chiropractor appointment and my 27th birthday is March 20th.

Then we have the end of March and all of April to pack and move, again. In May I’ll be nesting and unpacking and then I am off to The Farm to have Tater in June! Time is just flying these days, unbelievable…

Oh wait, I skipped over the big news… We found our home!

Saturday we entered a verbal agreement and hashed out all the terms, now we are going back and fourth drafting up a contract. On April 1st we are making a down payment, moving in to the house and will have 12 months to take over ownership of it.

We are super happy and also pretty excited about it all. The place is just what we need right now! It doesn’t need major work to be ready for Tater’s arrival, it is in our price range and it is a pretty good investment for us. Here are some more photos of it from the weekend:

I think we will be very happy there and it is something we can call our own. After 5 years we’ve finally managed to find the right house at the right price and terms. I’ve always wanted to be in our own home before we brought home a baby too. It’s funny how it all works out in the strangest of ways!

Like I’ve said before the last six months have been quite the roller coaster ride for us! We went from making no life progress over several years to making tons of progress all at once within like 6 months. When it rains, it pours!

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0 thoughts on “Time flies… When it Rains, it pours… We have some more news too!

    1. We are so relieved to have found a place, plus it is something that will make us comfortable for a few years. We plan to remodel some stuff and will probably sell it when N’s career takes us somewhere else in 4 years or so… It is a good starter home.

  1. I am so happy for you guys. I really like the house and it seems perfect for your growing family. I truley believe everything happens for a reason and things work themselves out.
    I am slowly getting a box together to send you guys for the baby so when you move,let me know your new address.

  2. Thanks guys! We are stoked about finally getting to where we always dreamed we would be.

    We waited so long for it and weren’t sure the time would come but the hard work and tight budgeting has paid off for us it seems.

    I am just happy that Tater will have a room of her own now and that we’ll be done with breathing in mold and dealing with unresponsive landlords!

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! That house is so cute, I can’t wait for you to get into it and OUT of where you’re at. I bet your pets can’t wait either.

    I think the vacuuming and cleaning is nesting. It happens.

    Before I forget to mention this: for Tater’s diaper rash, when the regular ointment doesn’t cut it and you don’t want to use prescription stuff, use something called Resinol Ointment–it’s pink. You can get it at any pharmacy, it’s usually behind the counter and sometimes they have to order it. It has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars in pediatrician visits and RX.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Mr Hyphen’s Fantasy Comes True

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