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Um, did someone die in this house? Man it smells! (Evansville rental home search continues…)

I am going to be honest, this home hunt thing has really made me a downer lately. I know how boring and blah the posts have been and I am trying to not go on and on about the same crap, it is just hard to swiftly change perspective when nothing is actually looking up or improving.

We looked a two other home possibilities today and both were basically a waste of time. One was decorated like and also smelled about as good as a nasty no-tell-motel room. You know the cheap indoor/ outdoor carpets in the most disgusting color and the wafting cigarette smoke/ someone died in this place smell?

Yep, that was the first place we looked at. We literally walked through the living room, in one bedroom and we’re ready to get out of there as fast as possible!

The next house was much more expensive and looked much newer and more promising based on the listing photos. Too bad it wreaked of cat piss/ spray at the entryway. The living room was bright and open but the kitchen was tiny with limited cabinets and bad decor. The bedrooms were closet sized and had all sorts of nasty stains on the carpet. Basically it was super tiny and had cosmetic issues. Not worth the $1175 they were asking per month.

So we headed back home feeling defeated. We are scheduled to look at a patio home tomorrow that we suspect we’ll be able to settle on. It’s not as big as we would like but we already know we like the floor plan as we’ve toured other homes on the street with the same floor plan. It is $100 less rent per month than we are paying now and the owner is offering a lease/ purchase option on it. We’ll see if it works out for us tomorrow…

Once we got home from our home touring I began working on a family member/ business owners site. If you look at the photos on his site you’ll see some very nice looking living areas (he remodels homes). Looking at those beautifully finished remodeling projects just makes me hate this house more and more!

Also, we just can’t believe how insanely different homes are here compared to those homes in Arizona that we are used to. Things are just so small and old here and most people don’t take care of their homes so they are also pretty much trashed. In Arizona you can find lots of new construction that is both affordable and also a good investment. Here nothing seems to be worth the asking price within our price range and houses are supposed to be cheaper here!

Oh, we enjoyed watching American Idol that we recorded last night. My old choir buddy Scott MacIntyre was on and he had a pretty good performance, yay! We’ll watch tonight’s recorded episode when N gets off work to see if Scott makes it on to the top 12, I hope he does!

N got the power back on in the bathroom, dining room and kitchen today. He had to completely unwire an outlet just to cut power to the garbage disposal. Cutting power to the disposal was the only way to turn the darn thing off. The disposal is so old it’s wired directly to an outlet as opposed to being plugged in to one and it has no reset switch.

So we’ve undone and taped off all the exposed wires from that outlet and have left the outlet plug disconnected. We have power in all three rooms now (just not in that one outlet). Yay for having power again. Now I can use the dishwasher, washer, dryer and bathroom lights!

Well that is pretty much all we have to report here. I am off to make the blog rounds now. I still have like 40 unread items in my reader and I have a feeling my commenters aren’t showing love because I’ve been such a slacker. Hopefully I can get caught up on blog reading today.

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  1. Move back to AZ! The house next door to us is for sale at $89k and it has granit counter tops, all new apliances, washer and dryer included! Tiled dinning room, kitchen, down stairs bath/laundry room and the upstairs bath is all tile too! The bedrooms and upstairs hall/stairs and living room all have new carpet! the entire condo has been repainted in a nice off tan color with white trim. It’s a 2 bedroom! mater bed has a walk in ( which is where liam slept for the first 6 months of life and the guest room has a decient sixe closet! Plus you’d be next door to me!

  2. Okay, that’s just freakin’ insane! That cannot possibly pass code. Maybe a call to code enforcement would be in order? You can wire things all kinds of funky for your own living, but if you have tenants, you MUST follow code. You guys are so NICE not to have an attorney involved already.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Oh, Brother!

  3. I can not get my brain around paying $1175 per month for rent. That is insane! It makes me even more glad that I live in a travel trailer. I’m paying $259 for the trailer note, and $200 a month for the lot rent right now. We’re moving at the end of March to wickenburg, and will only be paying $185 a month there. Sheesh, how do people afford something like that???

    Karens last blog post..Finally! I Have Cookies!!!

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