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Updates on the baby finches

baby-finch-getting-feathers.jpgI wanted to share the updates on our baby finches today. Some of you may know that our finches hatched 3 eggs after the second attempt at hatching eggs. Today I got one of the hatchlings out of the stinky nest.

As you can see in the photo they are getting fed and are starting to get their feathers. Our chicks are about 7-10 days old and they are growing like crazy!

Do you see the seed looking stuff under the skin between it’s neck and body? That is the food they have been fed, it’s called the crop.

The babies have opened their eyes and are also getting much stronger now. They are now able to move around the inside the nest on their own and their feathers are really starting to grow.

We are having so much fun watching these finches develop! I hope you are enjoying seeing the photos and I hope you enjoy this video!

We are just watching our baby finches and trying to stay warm. We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground around here and the temperatures have been below freezing all week.

Burr, I need to add more wood the the fire! Keep warm and enjoy the video & photo!

[youtube seYOPhm5PYo]

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3 thoughts on “Updates on the baby finches

  1. Oh, Talina – I hadn’t been coming around long enough to know you had baby finches! My goodness aren’t they the cutest/ugliest little things all at the same time. I do love finches but baby birds always amaze me with how fragile and unhealthy they look until their feathers come in completely. I like to say that they are so ugly they’re cute. LOL. I do hope they do well and that you will keep updating your blog with their progress. Was that your voice in the video?

    teeni’s last blog post..Life is Sweet

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