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Upper respiratory infections in pets- Day 1 update

Jack’s symptoms have greatly improved and he is acting more himself today, I only added a few drops of colloidal silver to water and orally gave it to him via dropper yesterday. I did not give him more today as he seems significantly better today!

However, I have received much information from readers about the potentially harmful side effects of Colloidal Silver and I did want to disclose this information to all my readers.

I do not want to give anyone bad advice or only provide one side of the story so I feel it is appropriate to update this post to include some of the potentially harmful side effects of Colloidal Silver. (I added all this stuff to the original post also)

As with anything you should consult your doctor before hand and you should get all the facts! To help you with this I want to share some of the useful information about how Colloidal Silver, when used in excess, could harm you.

I did some reading online today and found a site that explains “The best known consequence of over consumption of silver is argyria. Most authorities state that argyria is disfiguring because of the discoloration of the skin but has no other harmful consequences. With argyria, silver is taken internally in excess and the excess is deposited in the skin, organs and other tissues. This causes the skin to turn a gray or bluish gray color. Upon exposure to strong sunlight, skin of the affected individuals can turn a dark brown or black color. This coloration is permanent. In addition to argyria, the intake of very large doses (far in excess of the amount that causes discoloration of the skin) of silver can cause neurological damage, organ damage and arteriosclerosis.”

Fore more reading on the risks of Colloidal Silver check out:

If you have something to share on this topic please don’t hesitate to post a comment below. Knowledge is power, I want to be informed and to provide helpful information to my readers so they can make the best decision for themselves.

Oh, I have a video of my sick kitty that I am posting to help other pet owners recognise an upper respiratory infection in their own pet. Some animal owners actually don’t know what an upper respiratory infection looks like! Basically lots of sneezing, maybe some snot bubbles coming out of the nose, wheezing, watery eyes you know all the symptoms of human respiratory issues would indicate a possible respiratory infection in your furry friend.

[youtube r5rXgAkLfbw Sick Jack]

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