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Why all-in-one-diapers ROCK! BumGenius 3.0 fun and info…

The BumGenius 3.0 diaper I ordered is here and let me tell you, it made my freaking day! I’ve been learning about modern cloth diapers online for months and was sure they were the way to go for us but to finally have one in your hands is the absolute best way to understand all their glory.

So many people have remarked “You are so brave” or “I know I couldn’t do it” when they hear our plans to cloth diaper. People really don’t understand how modern and improved cloth diapers are these days. Everyone seems to need the low down on them, even N and I had trouble understanding all their features until we held one in our hands.

Here is how the diaper was all packaged when it arrived:

The velcro makes the width of the diaper totally adjustable. The outer pink material is super soft on the outside but on the inside it is a plasticy waterproof material made of polyurethane laminate waterproof fabric (or PUL).


Then their are 3 snaps that run along the front. Those are to adjust the height of the diaper, which is helpful for accommodating an infant and their healing umbilical cord. Plus it is one of the features that makes this diaper truly all in one, it’s size and shape grows with baby.

When you look at the inside of the diaper you’ll see the white inner lining, it is suede cloth. This is what comes in to contact with baby’s skin and gets pooped on. It is super soft and way absorbent.

Between the inner liner and the outer cover there is a nifty pocket where the inserts are placed to absorb liquid and moisture. When you look inside the pocket you can see the shiny, polyurethane laminate side of the outer fabric.

Here are the two inserts that come with the diaper. One is the infant size, the other is a size adjustable (via the snaps) regular insert. The inserts can be used individually or can be used together for more absorbency. They are also made with super absorbent suede cloth.

Here is what infant the pocket looks like with an insert inside. You just slide it right in the pocket and fold the flap closed keeping the insert inside and hidden.

And there you have it, the BumGenius 3.0 cloth diaper. I think they are pretty darn nifty, don’t you?

In other news yesterday marked the start of my 32nd week of pregnancy. N went in to work early to cover a fun story and make some extra money. We succeeded in getting all our crap (including the motor home) off the premisis of the old place.

We’ve still not heard back from the slumloards about a walk though inspection time and thus haven’t returned the keys to them. We’ve also kept posession of the garage door openers to intice them to actually contact us so we can officially end this madness. It looks like they wont though.

Tomorrow is the date of the Arizona baby shower being thrown in our honor. We are both excited and also a bit nervous that the turn out wont be great. We’ll see… I’ve got Tater’s nursery all spiffied up as best as possible for the video conference we’ll be doing during the shower.

That is pretty much all there is to report right now. It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend and we don’t have that many errands planned to tackle so hopefully it will be a somewhat calm and quiet time. Probably not though 😉

Hopefully the sun is shining and you are going to have a nice spring weekend in your neck of the woods.

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  1. Don’t worry, mama – you can DO IT! I was apprehensive about cloth but determined… and guess what – no matter WHAT diapers you choose you’ll be covered in poop and spit up. It’s just an unavoidable truth of babyhood.

    I don’t find cloth to be any more work than disposables – in fact, I have so much more fun with the colors and styles – and amassing a collection. You’ll not regret it, nor will your trash can 🙂

    Andis last blog post..26 weeks

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