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They are showering Tater in Phoenix right now!

Thanks to Krystal, a long time buddy (who is practically a sister to me), a baby shower is taking place in Phoenix, Arizona right now in Tater’s honor. We are 1800 miles away of course but are attending via video conference to partake in the festivities. Isn’t technology great?

If you have an AIM account, a web cam and want to take part in the video chat today email me your AIM screen name and if you are online during the shower today (12-2 AZ time) I’ll include you in the video chat!

Bloggy buddies, family and friends have all been thinking of Tater’s arrival and have sent many treasures for her. As we have been receiving stuff we have been documenting it via the digital camera so the gift givers can see us opening the treasures.

Here is a slideshow of all the stuff we have received for Tater so far:

Everything we have been receiving is being photographed or video taped and added to the above photobucket album so it is all in one place for you to see. We’ll be updating the album once the shower is over to add any newly received items, as they arrive. If you don’t see your gift don’t panic. It’s probably just not here yet.

Now since many of you were not able to attend this shower in Phoenix Maiden53 has organized an online baby shower that ANYBODY can partake in via the web! We’ll be doing a chat via the online shower site Friday May 15th @ 3pm Eastern time so mark those calendars if you want to participate. We’ll also be sharing the updated slideshow at this chat.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, we’ll share how the shower went in the coming week. If you still haven’t had enough fun here you can check out the webcasts, vlog & live chat page for more fun! Hugs and love to all!

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  1. I hope your AZ shower is going great! I went to Photobucket to see all of Tater’s stuff… that one of N wearing the hoodie towel is hilarious!! Did he try the dress too? 🙂 I bet it was just *not* his color! LOL

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