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Baby brother is still cooking?! 38 week pregnancy updates and thoughts on induction.

In the last weeks of pregnancy women often find themselves simply DONE with the process and ready to meet their baby. Even crunchy ones that are aware of all the reasons baby should keep cooking! Pregnancy often leaves your mind and body conflicting on many things… meeting that sweet baby ASAP is one of those things.

I’m the first to admit to feeling DONE with pregnancy towards the end. For starters, I’ve never been a glowing pregnant woman that loves being pregnant. Pregnancy is a pain in the butt among other things, it is hard and inconvenient. Sure It’s also quite amazing but that doesn’t make it less of a pain, for me.

Of course I’d love to have the baby now if he was ready to come and the thought of waiting till 42 weeks to have the baby is a hellish thought.

I am feeling physically maxed out, totally ready for the labor and delivery to take place. Plus, the holidays are just ahead and it would be convenient to have a baby BEFORE the holiday madness begins but you wont find me inducting the baby without real serious medical necessity.  Here are some reasons why in this handy infographic:

So, in the meantime I’ll just be over here all achey, done with pregnancy, sometimes pissy and anxiously awaiting the onset of natural labor… 

The pregnancy updates:

I am few days shy of 38 wks pregnant and I was just called a “pregnancy rule follower” where fundal height and health stats are concerned. LOL, nobody ever calls me a rule follower so this made us chuckle a bit.

Also, I’m up 6lbs in TWO weeks, topping the scales at 137.4 pounds at 37 weeks 5 days (this should be good material for those forum crap talkers of mine, ha, ha.). But really, considering the weight gain it is no wonder I’ve been hurting more and moving slower these last few weeks!

We managed to survive the tornado risks last week, actually our area really lucked out compared to the areas around us. We also missed out on the small earthquake that happen this week in the state just next door. The weather sure has been wonky lately! Luckily, it’s not causing me early labor. My cervix is nice and long as well as closed, which is good sign for keeping the baby in for the full 40 weeks.

I’m on doctors orders to NOT have the baby on Thanksgiving (since the doctor. will be far away on a family trip). It’s really nice to have a doctor. that is telling you honestly about their personal plans and not recommending an induction in conjunction with those plans just so the birth isn’t missed. Honestly, I’m not worried that our doctor will miss the birth, especially because I’m not really that attached to the idea of needing anyone to birth this baby. 

Loved ones are sure getting antsy for the birth to happen, the emails and calls are rolling in these days. While we won’t be live streaming this birth, we promise to update the blog as soon as we can about labor beginning and about baby’s arrival. Stay tuned.




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