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My compost pile has been moved to my kitchen floor because of my baby…

It is true… Most times thoughout the day I’ve got a smattering of food under Adalyn’s chair. Thankfully I had the forethought to lay a kitchen towel under her seat… and I can just shake it off out in the yard for the chickens so it’s all good… … but this messy baby eating stage […]

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A mothers dilemma: Keep sleeping or wash off the sour milk?

I know this is just one of the many dilemmas I’ll have to face as a parent. This one is significant because it’s the first one, you know a milestone. So humor me okay? Babies vomit. Mine in particular loves to be at the breast 24/7 which inevitably leads to overeating, which in turn results […]

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Um, did someone die in this house? Man it smells! (Evansville rental home search continues…)

I am going to be honest, this home hunt thing has really made me a downer lately. I know how boring and blah the posts have been and I am trying to not go on and on about the same crap, it is just hard to swiftly change perspective when nothing is actually looking up […]

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Critters are everywhere! What is that in our wall?

You know we always have crazy eventful times with animals around here right? I mean all of our pets come to us by some sort of fate. They dart in our front door or are starving in a hole by the sidewalk when we walk by. We are suckers, we just can’t walk by and […]

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Bubbling with anticipation and watching the world blow by…

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound appointment and we are excited about it. We are dying to know if Tater Tot is a boy or girl and we know you are itching to know too… Also, we called a local lender today and are waiting to hear if we are pre approved for a mortgage. We […]

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Animals & Pets domestic disasters funny posts Life in Evansville personal stories

Cat poo, candles and flaming tales. More pet madness to share!

You know how sometimes when you do something you get this flash of disaster scenario warning you of the what-if’s? I got one right as I was lighting a candle in my stinky bathroom. You see I was drawing a bath which is an immediate invitation for one of my cats to take a giant […]

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Beer fest in flagstaff and the regular domestic disaster before moving

N got tickets to beer fest through his work and was super excited to go. He is afterall a beer lover/ homebrewer so this event was right up his alley. Me, I am not a fan of beer but I figured getting out of the house and having some alcohol might not be a bad […]

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WTF, the shower curtain is making me crazy!

The rental we are in right now strangely enough came equip with shower curtains. When we first moved in the shower curtains wreaked of urine and the house hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned so we contacted the rental company and they sent out a house cleaner. The house cleaner who barely spoke English told me they […]

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Don't pour bleach on bunny pee! (or any pee for that matter)

Ugh, my nose is burning and it’s cause I had a temporary moment of stupidity. We are moving in 15 days and I have an ongoing list of crap to accomplish. Today it was sweeping/ cleaning the wood floors and cleaning bunny’s cage/ mess. Oh and I was supposed to find the Nissian repair book […]

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I am appalled!! Continuation of: "This holiday weekend sucked!!"

Continuation of: “This holiday weekend sucked!!” Over the last week I have had some significant car drama. My car was revving out of control on the way home, I almost had a major wreck. You can read the initial post here. So my car was towed to a mechanic near my parent’s home down in […]

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