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Just got electrocuted but I am feeling good..

Yep, you read it right I just got electrocuted but I am feeling good! I spent the day getting ready for our competition tomorrow. My students and I have been working hard to get ready for another performance this weekend that leads up to our state championships. They are doing some amazing work and I am very pleased.

Sinagua winterguard 2008 practice footage

Sinagua winterguard 2008 practice footage
I was trying to burn a new music cd for the performance since the cd we used last time apparently had some issues playing in their cd player. I used a windows vista computer last week to burn the cd as opposed to always using my windows xp computer (grrr Microsoft makes me mad sometimes!). Anyway I went to plug in my cd player to test the cd and got a startling shock (literally) from the outlet. I did not enjoy it and am glad it was only a little shock. I am home alone and nobody would know if I was hurt!

Actually, my dog and cats would know but could they help me? I don’t think so, I bet they would lick me to death or fart in my face (my dog has gas!) but seriously doubt they would dial 911 and get me help like all these pets did.

Anywho, I am feeling satisfied with life right now- that is always a nice thing!

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