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Grayson Prescott is born

December 4th 2013

After a morning of laboring at home and carrying on about our day we thought it wise to head towards the hospital. Here is the rundown of how the day went…

Myself, Nathan, my girls, my doula and a lovely friend who was helping to look after the girls during labor all arrived at hospital registration at about 3:40/ 4 pm. I was found to be at 4 cm with fluids intact and debated weather or not to stay at the hospital or to head back home.

Since everyone deemed me a “wild card” in terms of birth predictability and also because I tend to quickly go from minor dilation to transition we thought it best to stay at the hospital and to get settled in a bit while things continued to progress. Everyone went to get a bite to eat just before 5pm leaving Nathan and I to rest and mentally get in the birthing zone a bit. I put my birthing tunes on and laid down to really relax and find my birthing peace. Contractions continued though my resting. My water broke spontaneously at 5:07 pm.

My doctor arrived at the hospital to check in with me but had an errand to run, I seemed relaxed and in a good groove so he reported he’ll be back shortly. Everyone returned from eating to find me with my fluid rupture and back in the birthing swing of things.

The nurse wanted to check me and report back to my doctor about my progress. I was found to be 8 cm. Hubby says that the nurse went to find my cervix and basically just turned on her heels, removed her gloves and went to tell my doctor to get here ASAP.

I was unfazed and showered a bit, got to feeling pushy and kind of gently went with the sensation to push despite my doctor not being there. After my shower I got back to the bed, had another check where an anterior cervical lip was found that was still hanging on and preventing full dilation.

We played with some positions to open the pelvis and move past the lip. I tried to pee on the toilet but had no success. Additionally, I was practically unable to get of the toilet with how fast and hard the contractions were coming there. After help from Nathan and my doula, I was propelled back to the bed where I finally got to squatting on the bed with the squat bar. Then my pushing technique was critiqued and ramped up a bit in a rather memorable little chat with my doctor.

Nathan got some great pictures of my little heated chat with the doctor. When your doctor leads with the phrase “now you are probably going to want to punch me but…” you know it’s gonna get interesting right? Two insane pushes later …

Grayson Prescott is born

He was born at 7:03 pm on 12/4/13. Weighing in at 9lbs 1 oz (my biggest baby yet!) with a 14 inch head and a total of 21 inches long.


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