Milk breath sucks… I miss coffee.

N went of to work the day shift today, that means he’ll be home earlier that midnight for dinner. It also means I am spending my morning alone today.

These days my morning beverage has gone from coffee to milk. We tried some decaf coffee for about a week but it just tastes all watery and bad so I just decided to skip it all together. Now I have a big glass of milk instead of my precious coffee.

I have never had an “eat breakfast in the morning” stomach. Even before being pregnant I was never able to eat right after waking up. I’ll need to be wake for several hours before my stomach can handle food.

Now that I am pregnant not getting substance in the morning only makes me woozy but eating also makes me Woodie. The solution is glasses and glasses of whole milk.

I don’t mind drinking milk, it tastes alright and makes Tater Tot happy. I even have Ovaltine that I mix in with them milk sometimes to change things up. Milk is my friend these days and man have I been drinking a ton of it.

Problem is milk breath is sick. It is all sour an yucky, after drinking milk my mouth just tastes gross to me. I can’t imagine what my breath is like to others… I just know it is not good at all, that is why I am eating junior mints after my cup of milk. I can’t brush my teeth six times a day, that would just be obsessive.

If I had my warm cup of coffee instead things would be so much better, the sun would shine brighter and all that. I just miss my ole pall caffeine. I know that chocolate has caffeine in it as does tea and so on. It just doesn’t satisfy like a cup of joe does.

So, what can a pregnant girl do?

I am considering adding my 1 cup of coffee back in to my morning routine but I can’t ensure I wont also consume caffeine in other forms throughout the day. Is caffeine really that bad for Tater Tot?

Oh and I did have one more totally random thought to share with you… Have you ever thought about what kind of people are targeted in late night TV ads? Last night while N and I were unable to sleep we watched WE TV’s “My Fair Wedding” and we tried to tie all the ads together.

We determined that WE TV’s target audience for the evening was: ladies who worked in shipyards and got lung cancer, who loved to buy cheap online perfume and call telephone dating services for companonship. This conclusion was based upon the three ads that ran over and over again on commercial breaks. Random huh?

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  1. As long as you drink it in moderation , you should be fine. They say to drink less than 200 mg a day. It constricts the blood vessels and causes reduced blood flow to the placenta. I had soda sometimes when i was prego.
    Also have you checked on this program called WIC in your area? It’s for Women, Infants and Children. They give you these checks that have milk, eggs, cheese, cereal and stuff every month. They give it to you while your breastfeeding and also if a parent is formula feeding, they give you formula and cereal. it’s something to help you out a little.

  2. You definitely need the milk, and brushing your teeth obsessively wouldn’t hurt since the baby will generally takes what it needs before your body gets a chance at it. Greater than normal tooth decay can be a problem for pregnant women.

    Then again, I’m so old, smoking was allowed in my hospital room when the baby was delivered, so what do I know?

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  3. I believe 1 cup o’joe is alright. Just make sure it’s not terribly strong like Starbucks. I do love Starbucks, but they are rather strong.

    That’s great you’re drinking milk. It’s great while pregnant. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of it while I was pregnant. Dadisodes had to eat his morning cereal alone.

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  4. With Aidan I drank Coke like it was going out of style! Everyone at work would give me a hard time. They would say things like “You’re going to have one wild child” or “Coke is so bad for the baby”. So I asked my OB/GYN and he said it was fine to have up to 3 cokes or 2 cups of black coffee a day! Now, Ive never been a coffee drinker it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole day, no matter how good I brush my teeth and shush.
    SO my sugestion would be to have a cup in the morning, then just watch what you eat. Your body and Tater will tell you when its had enough of something!
    You seem to be very in tune with yourself! So dont deprive yourself something that you enjoy, expecally if its going to make the sun sine brighter!!!
    I have this book called “The Do’s and Donts Of Pregnancy” Ive been meaning to mail it to you, actually I have a few that you would find useful! My goal is to get it to you by Wednesday!
    Hey does N want some Daddy books? Chris bought some, then never even read them! Geese, guys!

  5. I’m ROFL (that’s Rolling On the Floor Laughing) over your description of those commercials we had to endure the other night. They were pretty funny! My two cents worth on the coffee: have a cup if you really want one. I don’t think it’s going to hurt Tater Tot but maybe wait until the new coffee maker is going to arrive because this French Press stuff sucks! Krystal…I’d love some Daddy books. I was looking at buying some at Barnes and Noble the other day but held off.

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  6. Hey Talina,

    I found out the incredible news! Congratulations! 🙂 Erin Bigelow told me you and N were expecting!

    Let me know if I can answer any questions for ya, I had so many questions when I first got pregnant. I do miss the coffee though! That was my one treat that I will request on the day I deliver! A grande cafe vanilla frappucino. I can’t wait until I can savor it again! 😉

    Anyway I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months!


    Check out my pregnancy blog:

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