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NaBloPoMo ends and I made it!

Today marks the end of NaBloPoMo and I made it. Woot!

We also went out and bought our christmas tree from a local boyscout troop. We didn’t cut our own tree down this year as we usually do since we didn’t have a feel for out new home town yet and we didn’t have time to file for a permit. Next year we will try to follow tradition again.

Anyway we are drinking eggnog and decorating the tree up tonight and we didn’t get any snow. And the basement is full of water again since it rained last night… We expect more water down there tomorrow morning.

Good thing we have a letter out to the landlord about the flooding that will start the resolution process. The thing is the basement looks like it was finished back in the 70’s or 80’s so if it has been flooding and soaking all the wood paneling and carpeting since then we are bound to be growing som mold back there right?

Know where we can get our hands on a mold test kit? We do want to make sure we aren’t breathing in mold that has grown as a result of past years flooding. If we are watch out, I am going to raise holy hell!

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  1. I am so glad that NaBloPoMo is over! it has been fun but it has also been a big fat pain the ass. I hope you get some satisfaction from the landlord about the flooding. Your luck seems to run like mine—whatever is the hardest way to do something is the route I have to take every time.

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  2. Try Home Depot for a kit. I’d raise holy hell if I were you whether mold is found or not! A flooding basement means you can’t use it, yet you are paying for the use of it?

    I’d start looking for another place to live, even though I know what a pain that is. But water damage, mold, structural problems, etc., Is your rent so cheap you should have to deal with those issues?

    You are pregnant. Stay out of the basement. Hopefully N can video and photo document the problems. Fixing them is not something you’re going to want to live through either, unless you get a serious reduction in rent for the “duration” of construction.

    Full disclosure: I’m the sister of a lawyer, and mother of a lawyer 🙂

  3. This is the first I had heard about NaBloPoMo, but I had heard about the novel writing November event. I am sure that this daily-writing procedure has been instilled in many individuals, and some may continue to write daily, even though the contest they were taking part in is over for them. Some say that 30 days is enough to get a habit to become part of one’s routine, and keeping it going is much easier after this period of time.

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