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Pondering poo and freezing.

I has an amusing conversation with N last night that can totally be classified as TMI but I am blogging about it anyway. You have been warned.

Whoever said pregnancy makes you have weird dreams is so right! I had the strangest dream the other night about public poo humiliation. I think it was the result of N being so interested in my pooing habits. He is worried I am constipated so he often asks for poo updates and whatnot. Then I read in a pregnancy book that diarrhea in early labor is common then, wham! I had my poo dream.

Anyway after telling N about my nasty poo humiliation dream (lets just say I pooed on the outside of my skirt somehow and had to walk around in public with poo on the outside of my clothes) the conversation changes to other poo related topics.

Like how much toilet paper do you use when you poo? The Charmin commercial came on and inspired this question with the little Charmin bear and the “less is more” tag line. I confessed that I only use like 2-3 squares and N says he uses way more… He is a TP waster! He confessed that he is super anal (no pun intended) about making sure all is clean down there afterwords. I giggled the whole time.

Then the question came up, do you sit or stand when you wipe? We both stand as it brings the cheeks closer together for more efficient wiping of all the areas in one swoop. What don’t laugh!

Then I shared the importance of wiping direction for ladies with N. He didn’t know a thing about it and I said that if we have a girl he will need to know about this.

In general our poo conversation was full of childish giggles and immature talk. It was fun and honestly a good laugh is great every once in a while, even if it is about poo right?

Well hopefully you didn’t run away as result of my poo talk and hopefully you are staying warm and getting geared up for the holidays. We are still waiting for snow here… and freezing!

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  1. I love the bear with the leaf blower,, lol. Since this is a no holds barred post, I will way in, and say I am a sit downer. This would make an interesting poll! Kind of like do you fold, or do you scruntch. Do you count the squares, or pull of the roll with wild abandonment. Is the roll under, or over? Oh wow, the topic is endless!

    Loris last blog post..I am having an affair,,,, WITH MY HOUSECOAT!

  2. One time several years ago, FabGrandpa and I were on a long road trip. We were listening to a talk radio station where they were interviewing a person who was into herbal remedies. They were promoting a product that gauranteed “three to five foot bowel movements”. I am NOT kidding! We laughed all day about that show, and now, whenever he comes out of the bathroom, he says, “Honey, come look, it’s a five footer!” and we laugh all over again. Yes, Poo can be funny.

    Karens last blog post..Budget Report Week 4, Cash Monday

  3. I agree with Ree. You’ll be posting about poo and dealing with poo in ways you never imagined once the baby arrives. You might even get so excited about poo that you’ll post pictures. Now that would be TMI.

  4. the diarrhea in early labor is because the baby is actually pushing it out as it moves lower in the pelvis. it also pushes more out as you’re pushing the baby out, which is why you must have a fish net handy during a water birth.;)

    Memarie Lanes last blog post..Happily Ever Sometimes

  5. I agree with everyone else…just wait. You will talk about poo, and more bodily functions than you ever thought possible once your baby makes his/her arrival!

    And for the record, I am a sitter when I wipe. And, I love those cottonelle wet wipes, too:)

    Beckys last blog post..I’m Sorry

  6. That was the most honest, candid and cutest poo conversation I’ve ever read on a blog. 🙂 I love that you had to tell N about the wiping direction in case you have a daughter. Very imporant. But also very cool that you guys can talk about that stuff, and heck, giggles are fun! 🙂

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