Seven weeks pregnant and counting…

Right now I am a sucker for malted milk balls… Mmmm Whoppers rock! I just made myself a bowl of strawberry banana Jello for later enjoyment and a yummy caramel apple is  too. The eating has not slowed down but the nausea has increased a bit. Still not vomiting though, yay me!

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo, the idea is to blog every day for 30 days through November. I am pretty sure I can do this but my goal is to write more worthwhile posts through this month.

Pregnancy is something that is in the forefront of my mind so I’ll probably be blogging about that like crazy.

Speaking of pregnancy I caved in and scheduled my first prenatal visit with a regular doctor. The appointment is for November 3rd, it will be nice to get the appointment out of the way but I am not looking forward to starting this whole game with the doctor.

When I called to book my appointment one of the first questions I was asked was “where do you plan to deliver?”. Since only licensed doctors and nurses can legally practice midwifery mentioning a home birth to my prenatal provider is a no-no.

Then I asked some local home birth advocates about how the prenatal are handled when you may or may not choose a home birth. People just lie and string their prenatal doc along about their intended delivery until “firing” them right before the birth. I just can’t believe this is practiced and accepted by so many women, this whole thing is just crazy!

So, instead of just being mad about it all I went ahead a drafted a long letter about how the law should be revisited and sent it off to every single government representative in the sate of Indiana. You can get involved too or even contact your own state representative by using this link.

Anyway, our baby’s heart is already beating but we wont be expecting to hear the heartbeat at our 7 week appointment. Generally the first prenatal exam is fulled with recording family history, blood work and an assessment of the mothers general health.

I expect to hear that I am under weight, that I have a small vagina and a bunch of other obvious observations. We don’t expect to learn much else about the pregnancy. Oh and I just wanted to add that we wont be able to find out the sex of the baby until mid January when I surpass the 18-22 week mark, generally that is when the sexing of the baby is done. It is okay though, we are betting it is a boy. Hey Witchypoo what do you think? Haven’t you been rather accurate about baby sex predictions?

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0 thoughts on “Seven weeks pregnant and counting…

  1. Good on you for writing the letters! It is more than a minor irritation that we are not allowed choices in matters like this.

    According to your baby widget, you are making arms and legs now – no wonder you’re hungry!

    Donna B.s last blog post..Misdirected Outrage

  2. Actually you can tell the sex around 14 weeks with a 3D/4D ulrasound! Those are way cool! Im so excited about a new post everyday for the next 30 day!

  3. I craved sweets with nuts when pregnant with my son (hahaha) and without nuts when pregnant with both of my girls. So maybe the malted milk balls are an indicator of a girl baby. Get some snickers if you want a boy!

    Karens last blog post..Project 365 Day 26

  4. I have to agree with you that the laws should be changed. Home births should be more accessible AND acceptable as a choice for women. You shouldn’t have to play a game with the doctors in order to give birth your way. The whole system has been designed around greed and maximizing the doctors’ time in order to get the most bucks. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see future posts on the progress of your baby’s growth.

  5. I’ve read so much about how it’s the doctors lobbying to force all this stuff on women, the lawmakers could really care less about a woman giving birth and where she gives birth. It’s all about the insurance money.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about you and your pregnancy. It’s just that you seem to go against the grain on so many things. If you want to research immunization information also (I found out that it’s best to do that before the birth of the baby because it’s so hectic after baby comes)…I can give you names of several good books.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..A Worthy Cause The MOST Worthy Cause

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